League of Small Regions

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League of Small Regions
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Flag of the League of Small regions
Official languages English de facto
President United Tribes Cacicate (acting)
Head Judge vacant
Commander-in-Chief vacant
Director of Intelligence vacant
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment vacant
Established November 4, 2004
Member regions 1
Headquarters Tupã Taba, District of Pindorama, United Tribes Cacicate
Map LoSR map
Official site website
Official Forum LoSR forum

The League of Small Regions was founded on November 4th, 2004, and is over a year old and subsits to this day. They adhere to a strict non-region crashing policy, as the goal of the League is to combine people for leisurely, sometimes political, activity.

On the political end, they have their own consitution, code, and laws, drafted up by their members. They all enjoy a bit of good old fashioned political RP and try to pretend they know more about the reality of politics than they actually do.

On the leisure end, which constitutes the predominant purpose of the League, they are an eccentric bunch of people who enjoy a good bit of fun and hanging out together on their forum.

The League believes that each nation and region has the right to govern itself the way its leaders decide and will not interfere with running of member and non member nations and regions for any purpose.

Although they are essentially a non militarisic organization, the only time they will take action is if one of their member regions is attacked by a hostile force

The league has certain requirements for joining members

  • Have an account/nation/region on Nationstates
  • Run or belong to a region with no more than 25 members (Exceptions can and have been made)


The history of the Organization as written by Private Dunkum, Kazikamoto, Lapse and United Tribes Cacicate:

Hakopam's Original League

Chapter 1 - Before the K

Back in the day, there were only like five people who were active members....me, yev, dhulus, NO, and hako.....lapse was a watcher. after a while we gained a couple new members....kazi, nevrotic, lapse as a real member, kougher cari, kristmin, and kenacho. at this time, the code was really still in the developmental stages, and the positions that you all know of were just being formed. the first presidential race, just a little after the entrance of kenacho, was between hako and kazi and kenacho, and kazi did some things that im sure he isnt too proud of. anyway, hako won.

Chapter 2 - Enter Kenacho

At this point, we were trying to decide a fitting punishment for kazi, in the end, we decided to let him off the hook...i think, anyway...so now, we got down to business. we were still trying to create a working code, and everybody had their parts to add, but hako and kenacho couldnt agree on anything. they would constantly argue, not as bad as it would later get though.

Kenacho's Middle League

Chapter 3 - Invisionfree Board #1

At some point in there, they did come to one agreement....proboards wasnt as good as invisionfree. so kenacho created a board for the league. all activity was moved there, except for some little tidbits that stayed at proboards, like the cafe. for a while it was business as usual...that is until te time came for the next presidential race.....oh, and cant forget, pimpy showed up round about this time too

Chapter 4 - A New Prez For New Times

Now we get to the good part. this election was between hako, kazi and kenacho....and maybe lapse...not really sure, but kenacho pulled off the win. as prez, kenacho had tons of ideas, most of which hako opposed vehemently, so the arguements that they had been having were intensified. it got so bad that we had to intervene. somewhere in here the lia got started too, with lapse as the head....and NO became CiC. at some point, it became apparent that kenacho had been peaking at the LIA headquarters, which was not supposed to happen, so they proposed a trial. (Comment by Kenacho) Just looking at this and decided to add a little. These ideas I proposed were later put into law and marked the end of any extensive law making. The LIA continued after my departure but that peek I had revieled that they were pretty much using it as a spot to bad mouth me, which was there right. I just didn't like the fact that they didn't make there ideas public. They were also talking about putting their little group in power, again perfectly legal but a little suspicious. Anyways, I peeked, breaking the rules, despite the fact that this was my forum, and was swiftly charged with many crimes I never comitted, and things were blow out of proportion, so I resigned as President, but this wasn't enough. I was demanded to step down as Admin, and I got pissed and in a spur of the moment reflex deleted the board. I regretted this but never really recieved a trial. Apparently the powers at be thought I didn't deserve one. I tried to apologize and use a puppet to show them this (Baldwin, but eventually gave up and honorably left, although I made a pact with Kazi to let me come foward and tell my story he broke it and posted his rude message. Never really did like him, but he seems to be doing a good job. In the end I left the League having made huge contributions to its present legal documents, and having caused the League tremendous hardships in the process, not to mention tons of mistakes on my part. My "plans" were later implemented with Hakopams approval(I think he disliked me, not the plans) and the league has since entered what I would call it's spam era where a lot of nothing goes on and everyone has fun. Glad to see you guys are getting along well, and I apologize for all my mistakes and wish you the best.

Kazikamimoto's New League

Chapter 5 - The Trial That Was Not; and Board #3

Now everyone was throwing around ideas for the trial, and in the end, it didnt happen. but they did decide on a punishment....it involved stripping kenacho of his admin powers. this irritated Kenacho to a great extent. so much so that he deleted the board that he had made, while about 6 people were on. kazi quickly reformatted this board, which had previously been meant for his region (hence the url) as a board for the entire league, and for about a week, the old members trickled in, till all were accounted for.

Chapter 6 - A New Trial, To Be Or Not To Be

now, the deletion of the board infuriated everyone, and kazi and hako, along with some others, argued that kenacho not be allowed back ever, others, such as myself and pimp, argued that he be given a fair trial. this is when baldwin came in. baldwin claimed to be kenacho's brother, and argued for his brother. in the end, it was decided that there would be a trial, after much heated debate amongst the members. but having the trial was slow going, and eventually kenacho through baldwin said that he was leaving NS for good, and that a trial would not be necessary.

Chapter 7 - The Baldwin Conflict

as time went on, we gathered new members such as UTC and great sphinx and others. people who didnt know of kenacho or any of that. but many of the members who had seen it wondered if maybe baldwin was really kenacho in disguise. kazi believed this very strongly, as did lapse, so they set about gathering evidence. at this point, hako anticipated another series of arguements as he had had with kenacho, so he quickly decided not to let it happen. also somewhere in here, pimp got drunk, flamed baldwin, and quit the league.

Chapter 8 - An End To The Fighting

finally having enough evidence, lapse charged baldwin with the "crime" of being kenacho. baldwin did what he could to refute the evidence, then just gave up and left. later kazi posted a convo he had had with baldwin, proving that the he was in fact kenacho. also here pimp returned asking forgiveness, he was given a trial, and was punished for his flaming. said punishment having ended just last week. now things continue as they had been in the peaceful times.

Chapter 9 - A Golden Age Of Sorts

And so, with the Kenacho fiasco (hey that rhymes) behind everyone, the League was finally ready to take a step beyond just a conglomerate of nations hanging out together and establish itself fully in Nationstates. More members began to show up such as Minas Mordred and things were steadily picking up. More RP aspects of the League were added, such as the map, RP froum, and Intellectual property. Things were good, and the amber ale flowed freely amongst the members of the League. Despite the apathy of members to recruit, things were going well. The League needed to get some motivation going if things were really going to take off.

Elections are on the horizon so who knows what is next?

Chapter 10: The Growth of the Military

During most of the Baldwin Debacle Neider Ostland was president; however, he became considerably inactive after several weeks of presidency and as such moves were made to elect a new president. Kazikamimoto was elected, and Lapse Took charge of the military as acting CiC due to the absence of NO. Before long however, there were elections in which Lapse was elected full CiC, but with the position of DoI still pending. It was during this time that Nationstates: Battlegrounds was introduced to the league. The game was an immediate success in the league and very soon, the League was the most powerful alliance in the game. There was a brutal war waged between Us and the Nation Guard alliance during which, the LoSR lost many soldiers, but ultimatly, were the more powerful of the alliances. All of the enemy nations had no military left, and on the LoSR side, only Lapse and Wolfemastre had been decimated so. However, it was during this time that tensions started rising in the Military. United Tribes Cacicate grew angry over the CiC's order that members may only use a single nation on BG, and ended up threatening the league and leaving the military. He was put on trial for Treachery, Insubordination, and lack of ettiquete, the 2 latters of which he was found guilty of. It was technically the first trial the league had which was followed right through to the end.

United Tribes Cacicate's Reformed League

Chapter 11a: A dark confrontation and a traitor is revealed

The league faced another large problem in February of 2006. Long time member Pimp Headquarters started attacking small nations on Battlegrounds who had not the time or experience to defend themselves. Pimp under the alias of Eurean on Battlegrounds attacked many nations who were innocent. Ultimatly as persecuted minorities do the nations formed an alliance with the focus of destroying Eurean - and those who were his friends. The alliance took place in the region of Change, and the nations built up their hatred for Pimp and would do anything to take him down. They decided on the tactic of multiing which all other players of BG considered cheating. The Change folk attacked coordinated and succceeded in almost taking out Eurean. The league came in to defend Pimp, and held back the Change and started negotiating a cease of hostilities with them. However Whilst the talks were in place, Pimp dropped a bombshell by claiming that Kazikamimoto was multiing in Battlegrounds and banned him from the forums. Kazi convinced Pimp to unban him and promptly deleted his account from the forums. It could have been solved easily but after Kazi deleted Pimp there was outrage from other members of the league. Kazi took absolute control of the forums and started passing radical bills and changing the very basisi of the league code without consulting the General assembly. There was outrage from the members and several influential regions quit the league in their anger over what Kazi had done. However United Tribes Cacicate and Minas Mordred set up a new forum should worse come to worse. Minas also managed to convince Kazi to give back the admin powers of members, and talks were started to punish Kazi accordingly to his crime. Pimp was unhappy though, and as had been evident at several other points in the league history he has a personal vendetta against kazi. He released his evidence that kazi was a multie to the Change people who started attacking Kaz and his so called Puppets merciessly without listening to any furtehr arguments on the state. Pimp had betrayed the league and joined the enemy we had been fighting because of him! Now they were attacking us and Pimp was atttacking us. Pimp was ejected from his resident region Bristle and joined an invader and some time threat region Ghost in the flesh. The league had been betrayed by one of it's most trusted members and Director of intelligence.

Chapter 11b: Rebuilding the League

After the trial, much happened. The LoSR-NGA War ended and the League Armed Forces, now led by Wolfemastre, started new conflicts with the regions Change and Ghost in the Flesh. However, Change officers came to the League and proposed a truce, which was accepted by the League members. The LoSR was still the most powerfull alliance playing BG. All active members had forces to help the League. Kazikamimoto posted not only his forces, but forces of other members of his region (The Corruption), but denied to bring such members to the forum. Pimp Headquaters (DoI by the time) announced that Kazikamimoto was playing with multiple nations in BG and posted evidences. apparently, Kazi's "friends" were puppets of his. The conflict ended in the deletion of Pimp and creation of a new forum by UTC.

Leadership and Organization

Main article: LoSR Organization System

League General Assembly (LGA)

League Court of Law (LCL)

  • Head Judge: vacnat
    • Assistant Judges: vacant

League Armed Forces (LAF)

  • Commander in Chief: vacant
    • War General: vacant

League Intelligence Agency (LIA)

  • Intelligence Director: vacant
    • Agents: Top Secret

League Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment (LMFAR)

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment: vacant
    • Diplomats: vacant
    • Recruiters: vacant

Current members

League of Small Regions

General Assembly | Court of Law | Armed Forces
Intelligence Agency | Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Recruitment

Bills and Amendments
Constitutional Code | League Rules of Civity
League Bill Number 1 | League Bill Number 2 | League Bill Number 3 |
League Bill Number 4 | League Bill Number 5 | League Bill Number 6