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A legislature is the lawmaking body of a province or state. Some have also historically been courts of justice, whether serving exclusively in that role, such as the pre-Revolutionary Parlement of Paris, whose sole legislative function, beyond administering justice, was to register royal decrees.

Legislatures may have one (unicameral) or more chambers (bicameral, tricameral, etc). The head of government, or even the head of state, may also be an essential part of the legislature.

Some English terms for a legislature include Parliament (used in parliamentary systems), Congress (used in congressional systems) and Diet (German, -tag as in Bundestag), as well as Soviet, Storting, Althing among others.

National legislatures

Nation Legislature name
Allanea Congress
Ariddia People's Prime Parliament
Billopesha National Parliament, Silvereye Council of Principle Order
Caselonia Congress of People's Deputies, Federal Soviet
Daytanistan Supreme Soviet of Daytan People's Deputies
Errinundera National Parliament
Excalbia Imperial Senate
Federated Polynesian States Fono o Ahiki, also known as the National Fono, Council of Chiefs or Federal Council
Knootoss Staten-Generaal
Laurasia Council
New Sequoyah New Sequoyah Senate, New Sequoyah House of Representatives
Pa'atua Fono
Pantocratoria Pantocratorian Imperial Parliament
Pantocratorian Ambara Colonial Legislature
San Adriano Parlamento (Parliament)
Confederation of Sovereign States Congress
Southeast Asia Federal Parliament
Taraskovya Imperial Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Danaan Parliament
Xirnium The Supreme Parliament of Xirnium

Provincial/State/Territory legislature

Nation Subdivision Legislature name
Pantocratoria Exarchate of New Jerusalem New Jerusalem Council of Ministers
The Resurgent Dream Alekthos Alekthos Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Amalad Amalad Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Amory Amory Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Bilbtoria Bilbtorian Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Carasia Carasian Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Corral Corral Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Farinor Farinor Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Fireforge Fireforge Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Holista Dail Holistann
The Resurgent Dream Kagerlund Kagerlund Diet
The Resurgent Dream Kar Kar Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Kadoki Kadoki Diet
The Resurgent Dream Legon Legon Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Nerise Nerise Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Pele Senate of Pele
The Resurgent Dream Sanero Cortes of Sanero
The Resurgent Dream Saraben Council of Saraben
The Resurgent Dream Selinia Selinian Knesset
The Resurgent Dream Shieldcrest Shieldcrest Assembly
The Resurgent Dream Thorlund Thorlunder Bundestag
The Resurgent Dream Wintermore Congress of Wintermore
The Resurgent Dream Wyrnsk Wyrnsk Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Zeng Zeng Parliament
The Resurgent Dream Zutern Council of Zutern