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The Leib Guard (Russian: Лейб-гвардия, most commonly translated as Life Guard) fulfills the role of the royal guard of Taraskovya. The Leib Guard is not organised into a single formation, even if all of the guard units are at least nominally under the command of the Military Council of the Royal Household (Военный Совет Королевского Двора).

Elder Guard

The Elder Guard comprises the units directly subordinate to the Royal Household. These units fulfill solely protective duties and are tasked with protecting the Taraskovyan monarch, members of his family and relatives, the monarch’s various primary residences. These are not “puppet parade troops”, however, and are trained and equipped according to the highest standards.

Alexander Leib Guard Honourary Regiment

The most senior unit of the Taraskovyan military, this is a foot regiment of the Guard with an ancient history and traditions. Has the claim to being he first ever unit of the royal guard. Sometimes mistaken by unaware foreigners as the only Royal Guard unit.

Cavalier Guard Regiment

The main Cavalry element of the Elder Guard, the regiment was initially the 2nd Battalion of the Alexander Leib Guard Honourary Regiment. It was elevated into a new regiment in 1152 A.S. Membership reserved to members of the nobility.

Leib Guard's Regiment of the Horse

Enrolled amongst the Taraskovyan Horobr population, the Regiment of the Horse is the second cavalry unit of the Elder Guard.

Leib Guard's Vigvar Grenadiers Regiment

Initially known as the 3rd Battalion, Alexander Leib Guard Honourary Regiment, the Guard's Grenadiers are a Special Orbital Deployed Assault Troops (SODAT) regiment of the Elder Guard.

Leib Guard’s Vigvar Aerial Regiment

Came to being after the reformation of the Leib Guard’s Vigvar Maritime Eskadron into an aerospace wing of several combat and transport aircraft. The Maritime Eskadron’s task was to protect the Taraskovyan monarch when they were at sea, but in the era of space faring, maritime travel fell into disuse.

Lorelei Regiment of the Leib Guard

Was formed out of Her Royal Highness the Archduchess’s Own Company of the Leib Guard, the personal guard unit of of Archduchess Vethara of Taraskovya. Also known as the Swans Guard due to the swans on their crests.

Younger Guard

The Younger Guard comprises units nominally subordinate to the Royal Household, but in practice receiving orders from the TNDF General Staff. These elite units are not tasked with the direct protection of the monarch and are, as such, fully operational and combat capable elements of the Taraskovyan military. They do, however, provide detachments for ceremonial rounds of service, during which time such detached units are under the direct command of the Royal Household.

Leib Guard's Dark Guardians Regiment

Officially the oldest unit of the Taraskovyan military, tracing its history to the famous Kshas Rith (Dark/Black Guardians), raised by Uidath Karetsah and instrumental in his campaign in unifying the Taraskath tribes and city states. The regiment is a special forces unit of the Taraskovyan military, specialising is such fields as sabotage, intelligence gathering, disruption of enemy logistic lines, acts of terror. The regiment is also known as Black Guard or Death's Wrath.

Leib Guard's Black Hand Cavalry Division

One of the oldest units of the Taraskovyan military, tracing its history to the garrison of the Black Hand Citadel, the mythical seat of early Taraskath power. It is a fully combat capable grav-armour division and has a history of deployment overseas in times of conflict. The Black Hand is currently assigned to the 1st Strike Corps, Metropolitan Command, Home Theatre.

Leib Guard's “Sathala” Airborne Division

A renowned unit of the Taraskovyan military, often commonly referred to as the 1st Airborne. The division is named after Sathala, the Taraskath goddess of War, Death and Passion. Ironically, during the Plague members of this unit had to fight overzealous followers of Sathala that joined the rebellion against the rightful Grand Duke. The Division traces a direct ancestry to the “Sathala” Cavalry Regiment, which specialised in rapid deployment and warfare behind enemy lines. The regiment was augmented and reformed as a Division in 1053 A.S. as part of the formal creation of the Taraskovyan National Defence Forces. Currently assigned to the 17th Immediate Reaction Corps, Special Command, Outer Colonial Theatre.

Leib Guard's Setarian Infantry Division

This Division was created from the amalgamation of the Leib Guard's five Setarian Regiments (13th Rifles, 43rd/55th Jaegers, 17th/39th Dragoons) into a larger unit during the formal establishment of the Taraskovyan National Defence Forces. The inhabitants of Setar have a reputation of knowing little to no fear and being merciless with ennemies, a reputation the Division carries on to this day. This does not prevent the unit from having a sense of humour and naming a King Penguin as its mascot. Colonel-en-Chief Dak Keralth, resident of Seth Zoo, is the first ever penguin to achieve such a high rank in the Taraskovyan military. The Division is currently assigned to the 7th Strike Corps, Martian Theatre.