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Forum: Forum
Population: 76
Delegate: Advanced Weaponry 2
Founder: Federal Lemuria
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Lemuria is a small but growing region.

Region History and Purpose

Lemuria stands for the following:

  • Each player of NationStates™ has the undeniable right to play as they wish.
  • No player or group of players should be able to establish a mechanism by which they may demand, require, or mandate the actions of another player.
  • All regional governments are by the consent of the governed. This include Lemuria's.
  • Trust and Loyalty are defined and decided by the individual. They may not be demanded and cannot be dictated.
  • The right of expression is absolute and secured by the responsible exercise of civility.

Recent News

3/31/05 - The Lemurian University has opened on the Lemurian Forums. This University covers a broad range of subjects that can aid new and old nations alike. More details can be found about the University on the Lemurian Forums here

Government Officials

As of 7 October 2005, the current officials of Lemuria are:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dark's Complete Confusion
  • Minister of Games: Monkey
  • Minister of Domestic Affairs: Tropical Pixieland (Deputy Minister: Cakatoa)
  • Minister of Communications: Erastide
  • Minister of Justice: tban108
  • Minister of Intelligence: Biyah

Delegate History

08/21/04 — 09/26/04

The delegacy of Tomak ka Thanos was during the very early stages of the region. The GameGlitch of '04 ended his term at about 2:27 pm (EST). The moderators restored him to office but the Endorsement Vigil of Magicality drew most of our active forces away.

09/29/04 — 10/21/04

The region's preparations for officially opening were made during the delegacy of Creepugnasia. The emergency intervention for Sydia and Pixiedance (in the North Pacific) ended her term at about 5:00 am (EST).


Delegate during a time of upheavel in Lemuria, while friends went to pay their respects to a former delegate of the North Pacific, Sageanistan kept the homefires burning until the Lemurians returned home from the vigil.

10/23/04 — 1/17/05

1/18/05 - 2/4/05

2/5/05 - Present


Lemuria has established embassies with the following regions. To date Lemuria has not concluded any formal alliances.