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Type of religion: Polytheism
Founded: Antiquity
God(s): Many various Pantheons of Gods
Holy texts: The Shural
Followers: Lemurianites
Practised in: The Imperial Federation of Atlantis (Atlantian Outcasts)
Head Preist: No specific leader, various denominations

Lumerianism is the single main religion of Atlantis (although there are various denominations and cults). It involves the worship of several different competing pantheons of gods (The Titans, the Olympians, the Amun-Ra, the Aesir, the Vanir, the Jotuns, the Ur, the Walkers, and the Makers, as well as many more minor members).

The holy book of Lemurianism is known as the Shural, or "Legend". It details the history of the universe; the creation of everything, the wars and doings of the god pantheons, the creation of the Atlantian homeworld and the creation of the Atlantian people, and the early history between the gods and the Atlantians. Each chapter convays different lessons and morals that people should abide by.

Many of the pantheons are those that will by recognized as those of the Mayan, Hopi, Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamian, and Norse gods.

Atlantians also have a belief in reincarnation and karma, much like the Hindu faith. However, what is very odd is that there are no Hindu gods in the Atlantian texts. Throughout Terran history, many Atlantian cults have accepted the Hindu pantheon as part of the faith.

The Order

The political hirarchy of Lemurianism is known as "The Order", a collection of the ten highest preists. They oversee all facets of the religion.

However, there are rumors of an even more powerful organization that uses the Order as a puppet for their schemes, and that some members of the Order are part of this secret organization.

(This will be expanded on)