Leninist Dynasty

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Leninist Dynasty
Forum: none
Population: 5 nations
Delegate: none
Founder: Post-WW3 Russia
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

A left-wing region that was founded in the aftermath of World War 3 and the Bunker Era. Leninist Dynasty is allied with UCSSR, Shumway Country, Final Fantasy Plains and Command and Conquer Reborn. Although the LD region tends to be modern, or even past tech in many aspects (swords and Zeppelins are used widely across the region), there are notable future tech aspects, as the use of highly developed robotics, cybernetics and particle weapons in the Dynasty's military force, the Dynastian Red Army.

Due to the Dynasty's communist ideology, it opposes all forms of religion inside its borders, and has also occupied the Vatican as part of its pan-eurasian territory. This has led to several conflicts with radically religious nations, regions and alliances (allways, these opponents have been the attacker), but most of the time, these conflicts were limited to acts of terrorism and guerilla warfare of religious groups inside the Dynasty's borders. Major or ongoing conflicts incited by religious matters were the 1st and 2nd Russo-Arabian War and the ongoing terrorist activity of SchwarzKreuz.


World War 3

During World War 3, the russian government fell to another Bolshevist revolution. In the aftermath of World War 3, Russia, or rather Post-WW3 Russia occupied all of continental Europe, which it had freed from occupation by The Reich. Territories taken from Osman Empire were also incorporated into the country's territory, namely Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, in Afghanistan, the LD was facing massive resistance from islamic fanatics, backed by the Islamic Union and the United States of America / UCA. Also, the russian forces could not advance into other territories formerly held by the Osman Empire, because they had already fallen into the hands of the emerging Islamic Union. Japan had jointly been occupied by american and russian forces, thus, the country was jointly governed. Neither of the two powers exercised full control over the country, and it developed rather independantly. LD after WW3.JPG

Leninist Dynasty after World War 3

Indian Campaign

Russian-Chinese Unification

Arabia Campaign

Neo-Cold War, Cybernetic Arms Race

The LD region was recently dissolved (except for a placeholder nation) and merged into USSR. In alliance with UCSSR and The Revolutionary Council, which is currently in diplomatic talks with The Shin Ra Corp, an ally of Post-WW3 Japan, a powerful alliance in support of the USSR should emerge.

Alternate Timelines

World II

World III

World IV

In an alternate timeline, the LD, in form of the Ancient USSR, was engaged in a cold war with the Ancient Allies, after both had united to smash the advancing Empire of the People Of Darkness, aka Pzion.

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