Lenoc International Airport

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Lenoc International Airport (code: LEN) is the only such facility in the Enlightened Psychotopia of Yn. It is situated near the small town of Lenoc.

The airport is surrounded by barbed wire, and access restricted by armed soldiers. Those who wish to enter must show their passport, and a ticket proving they have a plane to catch. The airport building itself will usually be completely desolate, and arrival and departure boards all but empty. There are several departure and arrival gates, but all are cordoned off except Gate One. There are no shops within the airport, only automatic food and drink dispensers, along with a few state-authorised magazines and newspapers, and televisions broadcasting the news.

Most people waiting in the airport will find it eerily quiet and empty, as if it had been abandoned - which of course it has not.

No foreign companies are allowed to service this airport, and Yn Air International maintains only one aeroplane, the fabled Flight YN-001.