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This is part of the Random Kingdom factbook.

The lesser Civerian, or formerly the uncommon gecko, is the national animal of Random Kingdom. It is said to have special, magic even, properties. Either that, or it just looks good. Some lesser Civerians mutated and became Civerians proper.


  • Species: Gehyra mutilata (variation)
  • Length: 15cm
  • Food: Insects
  • Colour: Adapts to surroundings
  • Discovered: circa 2004
  • Habitat: Usually found in the woods

The Story


British settlers discovered the uncommon gecko whilst attempting to settle the land that would become Random Kingdom. Legend has it that the first settler dropped a stick into the ground near the shore, as a symbol of colonisation. However, when he drove it in, he impaled an uncommon gecko. When the stick was taken out, the gecko was taken and buried in a shallow grave near the shores.


Later, when the city of Bayview was founded in the location, the gecko's body was exhumed, stared at for quite a while, and taken to a biology lab to study. There the animal was identified as a gecko, of the genus gehyra, but then it was realised that this was no ordinary gecko. It was longer than most, could regrow parts of its limbs, and even talk (in the way that parrots do). It also had very powerful legs that enabled them to perform advanced gymnastic tricks. This was when the national animal of Random Kingdom became the uncommon gecko.

On Show

The Uncommon Gecko became, from then on, a major event in zoos, circuses and travelling shows. People liked to come and see uncommon geckos use their amazing voice to sing out the National Anthem, watch them leap onto trapezes and spin around, and (this was later outlawed) chop off arms and legs and watch the gecko grow them back. Circuses featuring uncommon geckos travelled across the region and beyond, and the uncommon gecko spread to other nations. The Government passed a law this year preventing this from happening, so that the uncommon gecko would remain uncommon to anywhere else than Random Kingdom.


Because of the Government's outlawing of transporting geckos to other regions, the uncommon geckos became a major tourist attraction in Random Kingdom. Some tourists like to see the uncommon geckos, and pay outrageous prices to stay next to a nature preserve dedicated to them. Online hotel booking skyrocketed too after the law was passed. Also, people flock to nightclubs where the uncommon geckos sing. In fact, an uncommon gecko recently made news by signing a contract with record company Random Noise Inc. The debut EP is scheduled to land next year.


5 uncommon geckos escaped their home in New Hope, and were found later on the outskirts of the ICBM-wrecked radioactive wasteland that was once Confusion City. Unfortunately, they somehow ventured into the radiation, as they began to mutate. One was taken for experiments, but escaped when it mutated again and hit the amazed scientist so hard that his neck broke and he died a painful death. The mutation eventually reached other geckos and changed them too. One of the five mutated at an accelerated pace and became the leader of the rest, the UberGecko. This is where the story of the Civerians began.

Geckos in the Nation

Lesser Civerians (as uncommon geckos became known after the 2080 Title Reforms) can be seen in nightclubs, recording studios, cabarets, nature preserves and houses throughout Random Kingdom. Since the law outlawing exporting geckos was passed, uncommon geckos are exclusive to the nation. A lizard house with many uncommon geckos used to exist in Confusion City. Bills are being passed to ensure that the lesser Civerians are protected from dangers like deforestation and cross-breeding.