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Flag of Lethislavania
Motto: "Juntos crecemos más fuertes, día después día."
Region The Zanziik Republic
Capital Leninstan
Official Language(s) Spanish, English, Lethislavanian
Leader Thomas Winkling
Population 567 Million
Currency Socialist Dollar 
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1068 A.D. - Spanish Sailors find a large island and begin to colonise it. They name the island Calduroon.

1100 A.D. - English Setllers arive, and set up the city of Kratu, building a large mission.

1231 A.D. - The final main ethnic group, the Slavs, find their way to Calduroon thanks to a prison ship.

1315 A.D. to 1367 A.D - The Hogar Del Amor war is fought, based around a Spanish Stronghold on the upper end of the island.

1417 A.D. - The Grand Kingdom of Spanish Calduroon is established by King Hernandez, and begins a iron-handed rule of the citizens.

1419 A.D. - King Hernandez dies of pnuemonia, son Prince Hernandez II rises to the throne.

1420 A.D. - King Hernandez II signs in the Calduroonian Rights law, effectively ending the monarchy and setting up a democracy.

1421 A.D. - First elections are held, a right-winger by the name of Jorge de la Casa Blanca assumes the position of El Presidente.

1422 A.D. - Invading the rest of Calduroon, Jorge quickly defeats the rest of the continent.

1428 A.D. - A coup, set up by a peasant known only as Leth, quickly forms in the Slavic town of Kriashk, later known as Leninstan. Leth's army quickly overtakes the guards in the capitol, and storm the castle. Jorge resigns, and Leth is quickly established as Chancellor.

1429 A.D to 1447 A.D. - The Prosperous Years, a series of years where famrs expanded, and the government began to open public acadimies. The first nationalised school opens.

1448 A.D. - Leth dies of unknown causes, and his youngest son, Nikola, wins elections. The current governmental style is held for another 400 years, as nothing terribly exciting happens.

1848 A.D. - Civil War breaks out, as rising tensions between the Slavs and the Spanish intensify. The Slavs quickly capture all the cities, other than Fort Del Amor. Quickly, the Spanish began to leave the islamd.

1849 A.D. - Constitutional Monarchy began by Thomas Cooper, who assumed the throne as King Taylor.

1888 A.D. - Constitutional Monarchy ends, as King Taylor, in his last years, signs the bill to be known as The Laws of Liberty.

1901 A.D. - In the first Chancellorship race, the Socialist Party quickly races to the lead, and captures the postition.

1975 A.D. - Absolute rule by Socialists end, as the Jewish Homeland Party wins first seat.

1997 A.D. - The Nazi's begin a series of attempts to take over Lethislavania. The first fails, horribly. However, the second is a success, as they take control of the capitol, Leninstan. The Nazi's killed Alejandro de la Casa Negra, one of the most beloved Chancellors ever. Bombing began, though, when a massive coalition commanded by DPUO, Hogsweat, Vastiva, and many others quickly brought Leninstan back. In the elections that followed, Thomas Winkling won.