Liberal Conservative Party of North Ahjeezistan

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The Liberal Conservative Party of North Ahjeezistan was a union of the centre-right Liberal and right-wing Conservative parties in joint opposition to the Social Democrats. Like its two predecessors, it had only one Prime Minister. The alliance proved untenable; the party dissolved into two factions on 9 November, 2007, following Lord Terresond's resignation. These factions were the Moderates, who aligned with the Liberal Democrats, and the conservative faction that joined with the Populists to form the Popular Democratic Party.

List of Leaders

# Leader Parliament1 Highest Office Start of service End of service
1 Lord Hartpoole 10th Leader of the Opposition 24 October, 2006 30 October, 2006
2 Lord Terresond 11th2, 12th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 30 October, 2006 7 November, 2006
3 Lord Senator Harvey 13th Leader of the Opposition 7 November, 2006 9 November, 2006

1In Parliaments in bold, the leader of the Liberals was Prime Minister.
2The story of the eleventh Parliament may be found here.