Liberal Men and Women

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The Confederacy of Liberal Men and Women
National Flag
National motto: "Ruguo taiqiu huaile na me guanli jiu bu fuze de"
Official languages English
Capital Eternos
Major cities
Government Loose Libertarian Confederacy
UN Status N/A
Population ~977 million as of 9/22/07
 - Total
 - Per capita

GDP (nominal)
 - Total
 - Per capita

Constitution ratified Jan 1, EY 0
= $1.9981


There is a strong corporate presence in the Confederacy, dominated by The Cairhienen Corporation and the much newer Jeffersonian Engineering Corporation who fight for dominance in the Confederate markets, and capitalism is allowed to thrive.


  • Exchange Rate: ₢1 = $1.9981
  • Gross Domestic Product: ₢45,023,714,424,530.45
  • GDP Per Capita: ₢46,083.64
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.21%
  • Consumption: ₢39,881,628,500,000.00
  • Government Budget: ₢5,247,026,453,602.50
  • Government Expenditures: ₢5,142,085,924,530.45
  • Government Waste: ₢104,940,529,072.05
  • Imports: ₢5,259,779,722,491.88

Electrical Economy

The average energy use per capita in the Confederacy was 15 kW/person. This leads to an instantaneous energy consumption of 14.66 TW, and yearly energy consumption of greater than 128.5 PWh.

There are two major electrical companies in the Confederacy. The first is Confederated Electric (CE), which uses primarily nuclear(~70%) and hydro electric power(~30%), with light fossil fuel supplement when usage unexpectedly exceeds availability, yet a new reactor is not ready yet, since reactors take about 4 years to build, and energy usage can change unexpectedly in four years. CE is constantly building new reactors to keep pace with population growth. The CE provides energy for the majority of the population; specifically about 927 million(~95%) customers, with an average rate of 3 chits per kWh, with the average yearly bill at about ₢4,000 / person. This gives CE a yearly revenue of nearly ₢3.7 trillion or ~8.13% of the GDP

The other 50 million people choose to buy their energy from the Clean Energy Consortium(CEC). The CEC vow to never use any polluting energy source, and in fact use entirely Solar and Wind power, and as such their main customers are affluent environmentalists and panicky hippies. They charge about 25 chits per kWh, giving it's customers an average bill of about ₢32,900 per year, and the CEC post a yearly revenue of over ₢1.6 trillion, or ~3.57% of the GDP.

The energy industry is about a ₢5.3 trillion a year business and is ~11.7% of the entire GDP.


  • Average instantaneous consumption: >128.5 TW
    • /capita: ~15 kW
  • Average yearly consumption: >14.6 PWh
    • /capita: ~130 MWh

Unified Defense Front of the Confederacy (UDFCLMW)

Main article: UDFCLMW

Space Program

On August 26, Year 10, the Confederacy began a space program in conjunction with a number of corporations. So far, they have begun to launch rockets into the upper atmosphere.

On May 9, Year 12, not even 2 years since the beginning of the program, the Confederacy successfully orbited the first artificial satellite in Eternian history that remained in orbit for an appreciable time. It stayed in a more or less stable orbit for over a month before it began to destabilize, finally burning up a month after that.

By September 28, Year 23, the Confederacy had built a sizable communications network, beaming communications around the country, and the globe, allowing people who had never even heard of Eternia to find out what was happening. This was truly a major step into the international arena.

Since then, the Confederacy has begun to launch Space Based RADAR satellites, and is beginning to integrate these devices with UDFCLMW forces on the ground to better organize the forces and give advance warning of attacks. Unfortunately, these satellites are as vulnerable as any other.

Embassy Row

Embassy Row is a brand new district on the outskirts of Eternos. It is not considered part of Eternos the city, but is within wlking distance of the capitol building. It, along with a few cross streets is to be the centralized location of primary embassies to the Confederacy.

There are expansion plans should it prove necessary.

Detailed Embassy Row information is kept here.

International Relations

The Confederacy has been initiating programs to extend into the international community, in spite of it's societal phobia of the ocean.

The Confederacy maintains embassies in the following countries:

  • Calizornistan
  • Altacea
  • Irixia

In addition, the Confederacy has recently solidified an alliance with Irixia. It contained the following points:

  1. Should one of the involved nations be attacked, the other is compelled to come to its defense, if so requested by the attacked nation.
  2. Should one of the involved nations, in an offensive war, be invaded, and ask for assistance, the other nation is compelled only to assist in repelling the invasion and no more.
  3. Should one of the nations be an aggressor in a war, the other is not required to help in any way, but nor is it discouraged from assisting.
  4. Any and all trade between the two nations, which is encouraged, but not required by this pact, should be conducted with minimal taxing and tariffs and shall obey all laws of the sovereign nations.
  5. This pact neither disallows nor discourages other alliances for the two nations.


The Confederate Government has three main responsibilities.

  1. Provide a unified economy, referring primarily to a unified currency across all of the provinces. Additionally, provinces are disallowed from imposing any tariff or tax on trade between provinces.
  2. Provide a common defense from other governments through the Unified Defense Front of the Confederacy of Liberal Men and Women. Additionally, the Senate is allowed to use the UDFCLMW to keep peace within a province, only if the province requests assistance.
  3. Provide resolution to disagreements, conflicts, or issues that affect more than one province

All power in the government rests in the senate. There is technically no head of the government. The senate has the ability to appoint operatives who are endowed with any of the powers of the senate, assuming the operative passes by a 2/3 majority. These operatives include ambassadors to foreign states and member provinces. A simple majority vote can remove the position and authority from the operative.

Finally any powers that rest solely within one province are reserved to that province.

Political Parties

  • Jefferson Party
    • ~45% of population
    • Liberal political philosophy
    • Capitalist economic philosophy
    • Imperialistic International philosophy
  • Nationalist Party
    • ~35% of population
    • Liberal political philosophy
    • Socialist economic philosophy
    • Laissez-faire International philosophy
  • Military Party
    • ~20% of population
    • Conservative political philosophy
    • Capitalist economic philosophy
    • Isolationist International philosophy

Provinces (as of 9/22/07)

  • Keldor:
    • ~101 million people
    • 10 electoral votes
    • 10 Senate Seats
  • Cringer:
    • ~102 million people
    • 10 electoral votes
    • 10 Senate Seats
  • She-Ra:
    • ~101 million people
    • 10 electoral votes
    • 10 Senate Seats
  • Randor:
    • ~100 million people
    • 10 electoral votes
    • 10 Senate Seats
  • Grayskull:
    • ~272 million people
    • 27 electoral votes
    • 27 Senate Seats
  • Eternos:
    • ~301 million people
    • 30 electoral votes
    • 30 Senate Seats


Each province gets one senator for each ten million people it has. The senator breakdown is as follows (Jefferson/Nationalist/Military):

  • Keldor: (8/2/0), 10 seats total
  • Cringer: (7/2/0), 10 seats total
  • She-Ra: (9/1/0), 10 seats total
  • Randor: (7/3/0), 10 seats total
  • Grayskull: (5/0/22), 27 seats total
  • Eternos: (4/26/0), 30 seats total

The breakdown by party in the senate is as follows:

  • Jefferson Party
    • 40 seats (~41%)
  • Nationalist Party
    • 35 seats (~36%)
  • Military Party
    • 22 seats(~23%)

The breakdown by philosophies is as follows:

  • Political philosophy:
    • Liberal:
      • 40 from Jefferson party (~41%)
      • 35 from Nationalist Party (~36%)
      • 75 total (~77%)
    • Conservative:
      • 22 from Military Party (~23%)
      • 22 total (~23%)
  • Economic Philosophy:
    • Capitalist:
      • 40 from Jefferson party (~41%)
      • 22 from Military Party (~23%)
      • 62 total (~64%)
    • Socialist:
      • 35 from Nationalist Party (~36%)
      • 35 total (~36%)
  • International Philosophy:
    • Imperialistic:
      • 40 from Jefferson party (~41%)
      • 40 total (~41%)
    • Laissez-faire:
      • 35 from Nationalist Party (~36%)
      • 35 total (~36%)
    • Isolationist:
      • 22 from Military Party (~23%)
      • 22 total (~23%)

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