Liberal Party of North Ahjeezistan

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The Liberal Party of North Ahjeezistan was a centre-right political party in North Ahjeezistan. It had no Prime Ministers, but was the major partner in the Conservative-Liberal coalition in that supported Lord McAlpin's government. It merged with the Conservatives to form the Liberal Conservative Party on 24 October, 2006. The two parties had alternated mutual leadership of the Opposition before then.

List of Leaders

# Leader Parliament1 Highest Office Start of service End of service
1 Lord Burnswick 1st, 2nd Leader of the Opposition 3 October, 2006 7 October, 2006
2 Lord Rarton (Conservative) 3rd Leader of the Opposition 7 October, 2006 9 October, 2006
3 The Rt. Hon. Mark Weicker 4th Leader of the Opposition 9 October, 2006 11 October, 2006
4 The Rt. Hon. Colin McAlpin (Conservative) 5th, 6th Prime Minister of North Ahjeezistan 11 October, 2006 18 October, 2006
5 Lord Attlebury 7th Leader of the Opposition 18 October, 2006 19 October, 2006
6 Lord Amos (Conservative) 8th Leader of the Opposition 19 October, 2006 23 October, 2006
7 Lord Attlebury 9th Leader of the Opposition 23 October, 2006 24 October, 2006

1In Parliaments in bold, the leader of the Liberals was Prime Minister.