Liberal Socialist Party (Tarasovka)

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Либерал-Социалистическая Партия
Established 1147 A.S.
Economic ideology Socialist/Capitalist
Social ideology Liberal
Political ideology Constitutional Monarchism
Party leaders Dragica Liubenova
Imperial Senate Seats
Imperial Duma Seats

The Liberal Socialist Party (Russian: Либерал-Социалистическая Партия) is the third most important political party in Taraskovyan politics and is the leading left-wing party in the otherwise rather right and centre-right Taraskovyan political landscape. The Liberal Socialist Party is at the head of the opposition Left Wing Coalition in the Taraskovyan Parliament.


The Liberal Socialist Party appeared as a contrast to hardcore left-wing parties in the early days of the second Grand Duchy, at the same time as other present-day parties were officially formed. It is led by the charismatic Dragica Liubenova who is only in her early thirties. Despite her rather young age, the woman has managed to charm a share of Taraskovyan voters and even the LSP opponents recognize her as a woman of worth.

Historically, the party surprisingly gained a seat at the Grand Ducal Senate, to which only members of nobility can be elected, when its aristocratic candidate Alexei Vologdov won the race for one of the two seats in the Yugozemie Fiefdom. Senator Vologdov, however, did not expected to run in the next race, preferring instead to retire from politics and possibly move to Knootoss where resides his wife, Femke Vologdova.


The Liberal Socialist Party can be described as a mixture of socialism with elements of capitalist reasoning.

National and Cultural Issues

  • Constitutional Monarchism: the Party initially campaigned for the abolishment of the monarchy and the proclamation of a free and democratic republic. However, eventually, such a positition proved unpopular with both the electorate and the party membership and the Liberal Socialists moved towards support a Constitutional Monarchy where the Monarch would have symbollic powers.
  • Secularism: the LSP is a defender of separation between Church and State, whilst recognizing the importance of the Taraskovyan Orthodox Church and of the Church of the Seven Deities in Taraskovyan daily life.
  • Multi-culturalism: the Liberal Socialists consider themselves as the prime defenders of equality between the many Taraskovyan ethnicities.

Economic Issues

  • Private Property: the Liberal Socialists respect and recognize the notion of private property.
  • Social Welfare State: the party advocates an extensive social welfare program, striving for social justice where every individual would have a worthy living condition.

Foreign Politics

  • Anti-isolationist: the party promotes a more open approach to the international community and strives to put an end to the latent isolationism and xenophobia of Tarasovka.