Liberty Lettuce Cooperative

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Liberty Lettuce (Lechuga Libertad)
Headquarters: Blackhooves' Barn, Hell Bovines
Nationality: Hell Bovines
Specialty: Lettuce, Salads and derivatives
Storefront: No Storefront Available

"Defeat Imperialism, Eat Lettuce!"

Liberty Lettuce is a large Hell Bovinian cooperative and the biggest lettuce producer and packer in the country. As stated by Hell Bovinian laws, the 'corporation' works as a state-owned cooperative and is democratically managed by its workers, though it sometimes has to abide to orders from the "Hell Bovinian Central Economic Comitee".

The cooperative exports lettuce and its derivatives to many foreign nations, especially Tanah Burung, that has now become one of the main buyers after a series of controversial TV commercials were aired in the nation.

Liberty Lettuce was most famously used to pelt the Knootian and Iansislean embassies in Ukun Rasikan, Tanah Burung when Markus Rumbiak staged a protest against the imperialism of the East Gallaga Company.