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Flag of Liechtensburg
Motto: Dissolvitur lex cum fit iudex misericors
Map of Liechtensburg:


Region StormKingdom
Capital Liechtensburg
Official Language(s) Liechtensburgüsch
Leader The Great Duke Arne III
Population more than 600 million
Currency krona 
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Liechtensburg, officially The Great Duchy of Liechtensburg, is a country in StormKingdom region, in the west of the Decia mountains, that fixes the border to Former Lands in the southeast, Saint Jacques in the southwest and Sturms in the west. The Heinrich sea is the north and the east border of Liechtensburg.


Liechtensburg was called Julitia when the Ancient Former Lands founded Lutigia, in 432 BC, point of departure of the domination of the country. The dominion of the Ancient Former Lands Empire was long, until the first Great Duke of the country, Heinrich I, crossed the sea and started the conquest of the country, in 987 AD, bringing catholicism with him. He took Lutigia in 988 AD, and renamed it as Liechtensburg (the city of bright), that became the name of the country. The army of the Great Duke Heinrich I spoke a german dialect, that evolved to the actual Liechtensburgüsch. The following great dukes developed the feudalism, and in the cities, the development of an incipient commerce brought to Liechtensburg tha capitalism. In 1412, Harold Giestsee, escaping with his followers from the Great Duke Friedrich V (who punished him by making him blind), to Nocaodia, founded The Kingdom of The Blindmen. The Great Duchy followed a policy of catholic despotism, until the Great Duke Arne III established a Constitution and opened an electionary process, six months ago.


The system of government is parlamentary, being the Great Duke Chief of State. The Chief of government is the Prime Minister. The last elections, held in 2197, had been won by the Democratic Party (center), with 53% of the preferences; his leader, Michael Hahnemann, is the Prime Minister. Other parties are the Constitutional Party (31% of the preferences, middle-right); and the Moralistic Party (12% of the preferences, right)

National Symbols

The beetle is the national animal, and the national flower is the tuberose.

National Records

Liechtensburg is the 312th country in the list of minor income tax rates in the world. After many social policies is education and welfare, the position in 325th in the world (4 November)


A large percent of the population is roman catholic (95%), although the Constitution establishes the freedom of cult. The national saint is Saint Jørgen von Liechtensburg.