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Liga Starblaydia

Liga Starblaydia is now the foremost Football divison in Starblaydia, containing 20 teams. Teams play each other Home and Away in a thirty-eight game season. Orginally made up of 21 teams for the inaugural season, three were relegated and only two promoted, to leave Liga Starblaydia with a round number of 20 teams.

Teams from both Starblaydia and Nova Britannicus compete in the Liga, adding national pride into the already highly-charged mix of sporting competition. Highly-placed teams may be fortunate to gain entry into the Champions League or NSFA Cup. Relegated teams find themselves placed in the mostly-amateur Liga Omega.

Seasonal Reports

Tiberius Cup

The twenty teams of Liga Starblaydia vie for the Tiberius Cup, created to honour Tiberius Starblayde's birth.

In the First Round, the bottom Eight teams in the previous season's standings play off to reduce twenty teams to sixteen. A normal sixteen-team knockout, drawn randomly at the beginning of each round, resumes from there.

Honours Tables

Team Honours

Liga Season Liga Champions Runners-Up 3rd Place Team Tiberius Cup Winners
One Iskara Daii Hecia Hallad Reavers Montepool Waves
Two Iskara Daii Tabeck FC Hecia Tabeck FC
Three Montepool Waves Iskara Daii Tabeck FC Tabeck FC
Four Tabeck FC Jhanna City Montepool Waves Iskara Daii
Five Iskara Daii Montepool Waves Internashionale Internashionale
Six Jhanna City Iskara Daii Montepool Waves Montepool Waves
Seven Corinthian Spirits Jhanna City Vecchio Victors TBA

Player of The Year Honours

Liga Season Player Young Player Golden Boot Striker Midfielder Defender Goalkeeper
One Nick Matranga Zhorin Tumunzahar Darius Belizaire Darius Belizaire Raphael Delgado Dimitrios Steliopolous Angelos Prokopsis
Two Hurin Menegroth Itechton Matranga Darius Belizaire Darius Belizaire Itechton Matranga Valentino Caltabiano Cody Joachim
Three Itechton Matranga Innit Point John Pompey John Pompey Rueben Laberge Matthew Tobias Thaddeus Gonzalez
Four Florencio Zaragoza Giovanni Lopez Florencio Zaragoza Florencio Zaragoza Rueben Laberge Tulio Arizmendi Thaddeus Gonzalez
Five Giovanni Lopez Menecrates Carmine Mbidzo Carmine Mbidzo Innit Point Quentin Phillips Nick Cavaletti
Six Itechton Matranga Cherry Garcia Giovanni Lopez Giovanni Lopez Contall Rumaoa Tulio Arizmendi Nick Cavaletti
Seven Menecrates Paul Noble Raul Diaz-Arca Raul Diaz-Arca Menecrates Leopoldo Lopez David Bedford

For more information see the Players of the Year article.

Liga Records

Liga Omega

Eighteen amateur and semi-pro teams (along with any professionals relegated from Liga Starblaydia) compete in Liga Omega

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