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Every season in Liga Starblaydia, certain Player of the Year awards are given out to players that have performed the best in certain positions, as well as overall awards to recognise the best players as well as promoting the talents of the younger members of the League. All of these names will have some lasting impact in the world of Starblaydi League Footballl

Player of the Year

Given to simply the best all-round player of the past Season, the Player of the Year award is never given out lightly, and the winner in question will have been a critical factor in any success his team will have earned. Only Itechton Matranga has ever won the award twice.

Young Player of the Year

The Young Player of the Year is simply a scaled-down version of the Player of the Year, limited to players under the age of 21 when the Season began.

Striker of the Year

Often linked directly with the Golden Boot winner,the Striker of the Year is usually the player who has scored the most goals in the Liga, or otherwise been the most superb forward throughout the season.

Midfielder of the Year

All sorts of Midfielders can win the Midfielder of the Year, from Offensive-minded near-forwards to defensive rocks, or even Wingers and good old-fashioned all-round midfield players.

Defender of the Year

Whether Left-, Right-, Wing- or Centre-Back, these winners all share one thing in common, they had excellent seasons in their defensive positions.

Goalie of the Year

Often the Goalkeeper who has conceeded the least ammount of goals will win this, unless one can think of a better reason to decide the best Goalkeeper in the land?

Goal of the Season

With candidates selected by the 'Experts', former players and managers of SCB:Sports, the general public are asked to vote by phone, email or text message at the end of the Season for their favourite goal of the campaign. Exquisite team moves to pieces of individual brilliance, this is one highlight reel worth watching.