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Lineartinc is a forum created by Hogsweat and Praetonia on the 26th August 2005 for people to post, discuss and help each other to improve lineart. The forum is (in)famous for it's informal style, and strict moderation is not an aspect of the Lineartinc forum. It used to be defunct, but has returned.


For about three months LineartInc was a rather large, tight knit community not just focused around Line Art - but also the design of whatever was being drawn and also home to a famously large number of off-topic posts. Lineart Inc, however, took a turn for the worse and is no longer nearly as popular as it was, mostly due to the demands of the board and the emergence of The NS Draftroom.

LineartInc was administrated by Hogsweat, Praetonia, Mekugi, Kriegorgrad, and Zepplin Manufacturers, of whom all are site administrators. The administration was often been described as biased and corrupt. The site administration, however, described itself as extremely laid back in its policies and says very rarely are users warned. Although some Lineartinc members thought that the forum was bordering on anarchy and the prevelance of spam detracted from the board as a whole, most seemed happy with the administration's laissez-faire attidues and thought them more conducive to an enjoyable board atmosphere than stricter moderation.

In total, 9,362 posts were made on Lineartinc by 98 registered members on 674 topics.

Merger with NS Draftroom

In May 2006, Praetonia and Hogsweat (now Questers) approached Sarzonia with an agreement to merge Lineartinc into The NS Draftroom, they claimed to increase usage of the lineart discussion aspects of lineartinc, which had by then fallen almost completely silent. Sarzonia accepted the offer, creating Lineartinc and General Discussion sections on The NS Draftroom and making Questers and Praetonia administrators.

Mekugi, another of the former Lineartinc administrators was made a global moderator of The NS Draftroom almost immediately afterwards and Zepplin Manufacturers already held such a position. Kriegorgrad had since fallen almost completely inactive.

Since the merger, the lineart section of The NS Draftroom has proved much more active than Lineartinc towards the end of its life, and the positioning of the section has given the lineart posted there considerably greater exposure amongst non-linearters. Although initial skepticism was shown by some of the old Lineartinc members, the merger is widely considered to have been successful.

A Return

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">link.png
The new lineartinc logo created by Hogsweat.

On October, 27th, 2006, two pictures, the first, created by Hogsweat, proclaiming "And on the seventh day, god created the line tool", with a new logo featuring the paint bucket from MSPaint and MS Paint's line tool, ala Hammer and Sickl e- , which was seen by several board members. A second picture, created by Willink, featured a representation of the famous picture of Che Guevara, with the newly revealed Lineartinc logo featured on his hat. The next day LineartInc was reformed and Hogsweat resigned as Draftroom Administrator. Willink was also appointed as part of the LineartInc administration team.


Since its reformation, 99.9% of lineartinc members described the forum as "pwnage", with 0.01% describing it as "yes".

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