List of Kaenei Non-International Gravports

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The following is a list of Gravports within the Serene^Union which serve domestic routes only, and do not act as either an International arrival or departure gate. The only Gravport authorised to conduct International flights is Solarri International Gravport (SIX).

Each Gravport is entered with the KADI code (Kaeneian Aerospace Directorate Identifier), full name and the Kaeneian Province it is located within.

The List

 KADI - Gravport                                       Province
 ====   ========                                       ========
 SIX  - Solarri International Gravport                 Solarri
 BPX  - Byzaintineri Provincal Gravport                Byzaintineri  
 SPX  - Xirithias Provincial Gravport                  Xirithias
 FPX  - Fortuna Provincial Gravport                    Fortuna
 MPX  - Meridiaa Provincial Gravport                   Meridiaa
 APX  - Xiana Provincial Gravort                       Xiana
 NPX  - Northern Territories Provincial Gravport       Northern Territories
 KPX  - Khandrissi Provincial Gravport                 Khandrissi