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This article lists all of the captains of the Starblaydia national football team.

To be made the captain of the national team, the one who wears the armband and leads the country on the field, is one of the most honoured achievements any Starblaydi footballer can attain. In Liga Starblaydia, the captain is the only player permitted to speak with the referee without being spoken to first, and often a referee will call the captains over to discuss a disciplinary decision over a bad tackle, fight, etc. In the international scene, however, this rarely happens, and the captain's role is far less tangible. A Starblaydi captain is expected to lead by example, to be a paradigm of Starblaydia's style of play and sportsmanship. They are the players to look for in any desperate situation, as they will be trying the hardest to turn the match in Starblaydia's favour.

The first ever Starblaydia captain was Ryan Garry, who captained the Starblaydia national football team in their first ever match, a 2-1 loss in Vilita for World Cup 15 Qualifying. The Starblaydia Under-21s however, had already participated in Under-21 World Cup 3 a year earlier, making Olaf Vikerman the first Under-21 Captain, and technically the first Starblaydi captain of any international side.

The current captain of Starblaydia is Kili Izretar, and Kwame Jabir is captain of the Under-21s. Izretar was captain in the 20th Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football and manager Betanii Marrones (also, incidentally, Starblaydia's last captain before Starblaydia's international football hiatus) persuaded the forty-one year-old dwarf to continue in his role into the Baptism of Fire for World Cup 38.

List of captains

List of Starblaydi captains
World Cup/AOCAF Edition World Cup Captain AOCAF Captain Other Tournament Captains
World Cup 15/AOCAF1 Ryan Garry - Ryan Garry (2)
World Cup 16/AOCAF2 Ryan Garry Boaz Myhill Ryan Garry, Nikola Lazerevski, Spike Martin
World Cup 17/AOCAF3 Spike Martin Aiden Matranga Jean-Pierre Durand
World Cup 18/AOCAF4 Simeone Di Bradini Spike Martin Jean-Pierre Durand
World Cup 19/AOCAF5 Jean-Pierre Durand Simeone Di Bradini Jean-Pierre Durand
World Cup 20/AOCAF6 Jean-Pierre Durand Thanh Madray Jamie Majeed
World Cup 21/AOCAF7 Jerome Montefalcon Fernando De Marco Jean-Pierre Durand
World Cup 22/AOCAF8 Khim Azanulbizarn 1 Matthew Tobias 2 -
World Cup 23/AOCAF9 Gbenga Ogunniya Martin Watt Ahab Maestas
World Cup 24/AOCAF10 Nunzio Gre Dimitrios Steliopolous -
World Cup 25/AOCAF11 Nunzio Gre Joe Kippenberger -
World Cup 26/AOCAF12 Menecrates Zhorin Tumunzahar Jaime Oberlander
World Cup 27/AOCAF13 Menecrates Danzir Garahildim Georges Blanc, Antonis Kouvas
World Cup 28/AOCAF14 Georges Blanc Cherry Garcia 3 Pedro Rujano
World Cup 29/AOCAF15 Paul Noble Georges Blanc Pedro Rujano, Fillipo Zinaldi
World Cup 30/AOCAF16 Durum Rage Paul Noble -
World Cup 31/AOCAF17 Stephen Adams Fillipo Zinaldi -
World Cup 32/AOCAF18 Stephen Adams Tabitha Di Bradini Durin Bazrimar
World Cup 33/AOCAF19 Darijo Cravex Durin Bazrimar -
World Cup 34 Betanii Marrones 4 - -
Starblaydia's international football hiatus
World Cup 37/AOCAF20 5 - Kili Izretar 6 -
World Cup 38 - - Kili Izretar
Notes: Bold name denotes tournament-winning captain.
1 Khim Azanulbizarn was the first Dwarven captain of Starblaydia.
2 Fernando De Marco was named as captain, but suffered an injury in the first game against Nojika.
3 Cherry Garcia was the first female captain of any Starblaydia side.
4 Betanii Marrones was the first female captain of the Starblaydia World Cup side.
5AOCAF20 was delayed during Starblaydia's hiatus, caused by regional war.
6 Kili Izretar was the first captain after Starblaydia's international football hiatus.

List of Under-21 captains

U21WC3: Olaf Vikerman
U21WC4: Spike Martin
U21WC5: Eomer Hall
U21WC6: Jean-Pierre Durand
U21WC7: Jerome Montefalcon
U21WC8: Geraint Evans
U21WC9: Nick Matranga
U21WC10: Zacariah Loze
U21WC11: Martin Watt
U21WC12: Gbenga Ogunniya
U21WC13: Gbenga Ogunniya
U21WC14: Nunzio Gre
U21WC15: Nunzio Gre
U21WC16: Christian Macia
U21WC17: Giovanni Lopez
U21WC18: Danzir Garahildim 1
U21WC19: Menecrates
U21WC20: Cherry Garcia 2
U21WC21: Georges Blanc
Nemyan Swiss Cheese Cup: Fillipo Zinaldi
Puntafora Football Invitational: Stephen Adams
1st AO Under-21 Cup: Darijo Cravex
1st Di Bradini Cup: Roque Bravo 3
1st Justantina Cup: Kwame Jabir
2nd Di Bradini Cup: Kwame Jabir
1 Danzir Garahildim was the first dwarven captain.
2 Cherry Garcia was the first female captain.
3 Roque Bravo was the first captain after Starblaydia's international football hiatus.