Londinian Conservative Party

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Londinian Conservative Party
Leader Sarah Halifax MP
Chairperson Disgleirio Castillo
Spokesperson Ajith Santhanam
Founded 2 May 1749
Headquarters 10 Millbank Avenue
Kensington, W12
Political ideology Conservatism, Neoliberalism, Liberal conservatism, Liberalism, Populism, Libertarianism
International affiliation International Democratic League
Website / www.conservatives.co.ukbl

The Conservative Party (LCP) is a major political party in British Londinium. It is the second largest political party in British Londinium.


Key tenets of the LCP Manifesto are:

  • Privatization of a number of government-run industries
  • Eliminating a centrally-planned economy
  • Further integration with the GASN
  • Opposition of further devolution
  • Promoting "traditional values"

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