Lori Jiffjeff

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Lori Jiffjeff
Attorney General
Former occupation
Legal Aide, Gruenberger Office of UN Affairs

Lori Kurli Jiffjeff, née Tennan, (born November 2, 1979) is a Gruenberger diplomat, lawyer and political figure, generally considered to the nation's foremost expert on international law. Prior to Gruenberg's resignation from the United Nations, she served as Legal Aide to the Gruenberger Office of UN Affairs.

Jiffjeff has achieved prominence on both the national and international stages through her work. As founder and present Chair of Mothers Against Weird Stuff, a conservative think tank and lobbying organization, she has influenced a new agenda of social conservatism in Gruenberger politics, whilst in the United Nations, she was involved in debating both before the General Assembly and specific committees, drafting legislation and promoting Gruenberg's policies.

She briefly served as Acting Ambassador to the United Nations after Moltan Bausch's dismissal, during which time she passed the Child Pornography Prohibition.

She married Pettikart Jiffjeff at the age of 18; he died three years later, leaving her to raise their only son, Pippi, alone.

Early life

Lori Tennan was born in the remote mountain village of Helldon. An only child, she grew up in abject poverty relative isolation from the rest of the world, her only real contact with people from outside the village being monks and pilgrims on their way to or from the Holy City; from them, she acquired many books, which she read voraciously, and her first taste of ultraorthodox Wenaism, to which she is still an adherent.


Her parents, Humtar and Gerrada Tennan in Helldon, operated a small blacksmith's forge, fitting horses with shoes for the journey to the Holy City. They both passed away during the especially harsh winter of 1996. Her great-grandmother is Hacci Pullin, a nineteenth-century pamphleteer and public speaker who led the campaign to have sex toys banned. She died after being viciously clubbed by women wielding stuffed bras.

Shortly after moving to Merlefurt to study law, she met Pettikart Jiffjeff, a Navy officer from a rich and distinguished family. The two quickly married, and conceived a child, Pippi. Tragedy struck three years later when Pettikart was killed during a routine training operation. She has since raised Pippi alone.


At the age of 12, Lori was taken in by a travelling priest, who schooled her for a few months and then paid for a journey to Moroschwegen, where she sat an entrance exam for the Kabi Cibara Academy, one of the most prestigious girls' schools in Gruenberg. She won a scholarship, and went on to become a model pupil.

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