Loro Sae

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The Bay of Snakes from Mount Trikora.

Loro Sae is the name for both the north-eastern province of Tanah Burung and its largest city. The name means "where the sun comes up" in the Tetemelayu language.

The city hugs the Bay of Snakes, hard by the Crocodile River. Where most of the coast is covered in impassable mangrove swamps marching down to the sea, the river-mouth opens up the city of Loro Sae to the sea. The city is linked by maglev to Ukun Rasikan to the south but there are few roads to the interior. Most travel is by river.

Inland, Loro Sae is blanketed in rain forest, inhabited by a confusing array of indigenous tribes, most still loyal to the Church of the Rocks and Trees. The people are fiercely independent, even from their own government. This lightly-governed interior is home to the Rumbiak Brigade and other organizations and activities on the fringes of legality.