Lotto of Lisora Corporation

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Lotto of Lisora Corporation
Headquarters: New Itaros
Nationality: Etaros
Specialty: Gambling, tourism
Storefront: none

The Lotto of Lisora Corporation is the largest gambling franchise in the United Kingdom of Etaros. Established originally in Hvittsted, the headquarters was destroyed during the Lietuv War of Succession, and has thus been moved to the nation's capital, New Itaros. The Corporation is not only the largest gambling corporation in the UKE, but is also the only major corporation that is taxed (Gambling is the only taxable industry in the Lietuv Republic). Lotto of Lisora is responsible for Casino Beach in southern Etaros, one of the largest gambling/beach resorts in the world. The resort alone brings in an annual income of nearly $20 billion every year, and has attracted millions of tourists from around the globe and the Solar System.

The headquarters of the Lotto of Lisora Corporation are located on Itarildë Boulevard, New Itaros in the heart of the downtown sector. The building is named Rasvkat Tower, in honor of the Arab who established the corporation and died several years later from an apparent overdose of Pink Bunny Cola and painkillers.

Current CEO: Alundë Ciryatan