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The Most Serene Republic of Love and esterel
Love, Freedom, Knowledge & Fun
Region Parallel pacific
Capital Vagator
Two main cities Esterel City, Anjuna
Official Languages Bengali, English, Italian, Korean
 -Vice president
 -Foreign-Affairs Minister
· Bicameralist Republic, capitalist
Winston Chillchur
Vigdís Tirfinnbogadót
Pazu-Lenny Kasigi-Nero
 - Islands and atolls
 - Inhabited islands

 - Total (2006)

National animal
English name
Pan paniscus
Currency FUN
Time Zone +2700
Abbreviation LAE
ISO Nation Code LAES
Internet TLD .lae
Phone Code LAE (523)
ISO Currency Code FUN
Carplate code LAE
Airport Codes Anjuna International Airport (ANJ)
(Parallel Pacific) Esterel IA (PPE)
Vagator International Airport (VAG)
Stats NSEconomy Pipian XML

The Most Serene Republic of Love and esterel is a young democracy; its population of humans and various other sapient species enjoy extended human and sapient rights and a sensible mix between a high-tech regulated liberal capitalist economy and a compassionate social-welfare policy. Love and esterel is also famous worldwide for its vibrant nightlife.

Geography and Economy

The Most Serene Republic of Love and esterel is a big archipelago composed of 127 astonishing, improbable and beautiful Islands and atolls, situated in the Parallel pacific region. The variety of these Islands and atolls in size, geography, environment, flora and fauna is huge. Only 23 Islands are inhabited so far and 12 Islands are National Parks in their totality.

Each Island enjoys a semi-autonomy status, with a Governor and an Island’s parliament. The city-island of Vagator is the Capital and an intellectual center, with its universities and medias, as the Vagatorpost.lae. The Islands of Esterel (Esterel City) and Anjuna are the largest, the more populated, the economic powerhouses of LAE and experience a booming economic and urban growth, which contrast with the quiet, no high-rise-building atmosphere of Vagator.

Esterel City is the traditional Industrial and banking center, the home of the LAEX (Love and esterel Stock eXchange) and many corporations, such as the real estate company El Neekmaar Properties Inc. or Movix Inc., the developer of a new movie theatre generation. Anjuna is its high-tech oriented rival, with its IT and biotech industries, including the ISP provider Purple or the biotech company Flogenomics Inc..


The Most Serene Republic of Love and esterel is a new nation which emerged from nothing.

Some people from all over the world, followed by many settled in the uninhabited archipelago who was then called “The Esterel Islands”, as the first settlement was situated in one which looks like to the region of “Esterel” in our literature. This archipelago was not claimed as sovereign territory by any nation.

The Foundation of the Republic

The population was growing, with births and new immigrants, but these territories had yet no legal status. Then, a group of influent people, in the island of Vagator, led by Winston Chillchur and Vigdís Tirfinnbogadót read a manifesto on a local TV channel to declare the creation of a new Republic called “Esterel & Vagator” and to announce the organisation of a Constituent Assembly election, the next month.

The Constituent Assembly wrote a Constitution, called "The O’Norcon Constitution”, by reference to its main writer. It was establishing a Most Serene Republic with sovereignty over the 127 islands of the archipelago and was organizing 2 referendums, the first to approve it or not, the second to choose a new name to the republic, as the name “Esterel & Vagator” was highly controversial, they were 3 others islands populated at that time and more to come.

One month later, the constitution passed by referendum with 83.6% of yes, and the name “Love and esterel” proposed by Vigdís Tirfinnbogadót was chosen with 62.4%. Then, the Constituent Assembly called for presidential and congress election and applied to join the UN. The next day, “Love and esterel” was admitted as a sovereign Nation to the UN.

The winning “ticket” of the presidential election was composed unsurprisingly by the 2 co-founders of the republic: Winston Chillchur as president and Vigdís Tirfinnbogadót as vice president.

UN & International involvement


Love and esterel is the author of a Human-Right-resolutions-trilogy:

failed by only 100 votes, the smallest margin ever and despite than 59% of all UN Members and Delegates who voted voted FOR}

Others Actions:

  • The “Bonobos Protection Extinction Act” [proposition deleted]: {Love and esterel asked the UN administration to delete this proposal, when several Nations, made the good remark, that it was not possible for every nation to pass a resolution about his own National Animal. Few days after, The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable Libertarians proposed with success the UNCoESB resolution to protect endangered species}
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">red%20hand.jpg
The Red hand is the logo used by the Estereli Red Hand, a Humanitarian Organizations associated to the IRCO

International Agencies:

  • The Most Serene Republic of Love and esterel is member of the United Nations Association and had open a national chapter in Vagator: the UNA-LAE

Following the vote of #147 Abortion Legality Convention, LAE resigned from the UN to protest against the violation by #147 of the Human and woman right for abortion

  • LAE's "Estereli Red Hand (ERH)" is a Humanitarian Organizations associated to the IRCO (International Red Cross Organization)

Main characters


Winston Chillchur: President and co-Founder of the Republic

He Graduated from the best Business school in his former Nation. Jovial and bon vivant, always efficient he was a marketer born.

He value democracy and economic freedom very high. He likes to shake hands and always find the appropriate words to say to people, either funny, compassionate or motivating.

Vigdís Tirfinnbogadót: Vice-President and co-founder of the Republic

She refused to run for the presidency even if she was favourite in polls, she accepted at the last moment to be on the “Ticket” when Sandra O’Norcon, in a rare public apparition, asked her to jump.

She has always been a strong advocate of Human Rights and secured abortion right in the constitution. She was at the origin of the Adoption and IVF Rights UN #121 resolution. The editorialist of vagatorpost.lae remarked she was sometimes pushing towards the promotion of family, but always in an quite subliminal way. She had a PhD in philosophy.

Georges Shallmar: Minister of Economy and Trade

Very influential, hard worker, self-made man, he stopped school at 16 to create a company, the first in a long serie, including El Neekmaar Properties Inc.. He amassed a huge fortune from his business empire. His stakes in many compagnies have been a major problem when the senate had to vote for the appointment of the Government. To stop all his detractors, he sold all his stakes in corporations and gave half of his fortune to humanitarian associations.

The Nation owes him his economic success. He is the more admired person in Love and esterel and his popularity is maybe only toped by Vigdís Tirfinnbogadót. In the very rare hours he his is not at work, he likes to study psychology and seems to be excellent at manipulating people without them noticing

Georges Pollack: Minister of New Technologies

Engineer, he is a kind of nerd, passionated with high tech.

He met Georges Shallmar at a Transhumanist conference, they became friends, then Georges Shallmar recommended him to Winston Chillchur. His propositions are very often excessive, and Georges Shallmar should, many often, spend lot of times to explain to his friend why his projects are not reasonable or even pure utopia.

Pazu-Lenny Kasigi-Nero: Minister of Foreign-Affairs and (de facto) UN Ambassador

Was a Journalist at Vagatorpost.lae prior to his entry into politics. He is the strong artisan of the involvement of love and esterel in the UN affairs.

He has recently got engaged to Samurai-Captain Midori Kasigi-Nero, the Deputy UN Ambassador from Kirisubo, hence his name change, his former name was Nero; Pazu-Lenny & Midori Kasigi-Nero NSUN business-romance

A colourful personage, he never wore tie nor costume but always coloured clothes. He always tries his best not to become a member of the establishment and prefer to frequent the beach lounge bars of Little Vagator or Anjuna instead of the chic, class and trendy restaurants of the capital.

His nomination was highly controversial, because of his dressing style, his lack of mastery in the 4 national languages, and his impatience. He sometimes made big languages errors in its TV interview, which always set off giggles. But to the general and his surprise he passed the senate vote. Even if there was not the single evidence, he knows that behind this was the invisible but powerful hand of Georges Shallmar.

His Favorite place: Cafe Del Ocean

Nicolas Lothu: Minister of environment

Scientist, he first comes to study to Bonobos population of Love and esterel and never leave back. He created the Love and esterel numberous National Parks. He is, many times, too much pushy on environmental issues, but popular. He worked with Pazu-Lenny Kasigi-Nero on the short lived “Bonobos Protection Extinction Act” proposition and on the foolish anti proposal campaign against the “Repeal of Dolphin Act”.

When there is an important division while in government council reunion, Winston Chillchur in order to relax the mood, is often asking him the position of Bonobos about this issue.

Others figures:

Sandra O’Norcon: President of the Supreme Court

Lawyer, she began her career in corporate Finance but then shifted to become judge. Always discreet, She had appear in public very few times, but when she was speaking, everybody was listening.

She was the Main author of the constitution. Then, to Winston Chillchur, she was the logical choice for the position of President of the Supreme Court.

The Congress vote to endorses her, even if a supermajority was needed, was a formality. Only two minority groups voted against her, the opponents of abortion and those who disagreed with the dual function of Minister of Foreign-Affairs and UN Ambassador.

Philosophies & Religions


LOVE is what people of Love and esterel believe the most in.

Love and esterel is not a very religious nation, as only 30% of people adhere to a religion, but love and esterel is more known for his avant-garde philosophies either religious or not.

Most people (religious or not) define themselves as both Humanist and Pantheist. Pantheism is a philosophy based on the idea of the XVII century Dutch great thinker: Baruch Spinoza. The main idea is that “The whole Universe is something sacred”, some people refer to this statement by the term of “god”, others don’t. Then, in Love and esterel the definition of “god” has drastically changed, only 2% of people believe in god as a supreme being or even a being and the border between “god” and “no god” doesn’t exist anymore. Further more, the idea of a positive evolution of the universe is very common.

Transhumanism is a new growing current philosophic it can be defined as a merger of humanism, evolutionism and utilitarianism (from the XIX century British philosopher John Stuart Mill. Transhumanism principles are to grant the same rights to every sentient being and to favour the use of science and technology with ethical behaviours in order to improve drastically the human condition. Transhumanist think the age to come will be an age of technology and compassion.


A specificity of Love and esterel is that the most popular religious celebrations are inter-religious. Every churches, temples, mosques and synagogues regularly invites others different religious communities to attend and contribute to their offices.

The 2 most influent Christian philosophers in Love and esterel are the French mystic priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the German catholic theologian Eugen Drewermann. Pierre de Chardin is the man who had reconciled christianism with evolution in mid XX century. For him, the “plan of god” for humanity is a progressive virtuous dual spiral of love and evolution. Then the second coming of Jesus is a metaphor of this spiral.

The main teaching of Eugen Drewermann can be summarized by the following: “the reality of the message of love of Jesus is a reality superior to the reality of his status as god son and even superior to the reality of god as a supreme being or a being”. Christianism in love and esterel don’t refer anymore to many traditional dogmas. Some Christians call themselves as Christian transhumanists.

  • Jainism: main current: Positive Jainism

Jainism is the most ancient pantheist religion in history. Jains believe the universe itself is eternal, having no beginning and no end. Positive Jainism added to the traditional beliefs a great promise about the direction the world is going.

In 2005, Jains built their holy city: Kapshur, as a replica of former ancient holy city: Kapsh

Sufism renaissance Muslims don’t really believe in god, as the Coran states: “There is no god but Allah, there is nothing but Allah”. They then believe that Allah is everything, Allah is in everything, in everyone, and everyone is in Allah. Then, Allah is not a “god” anymore but “Love” and “The sacred universe”. They sometimes described themselves as Muslim pantheists. Version of Coran in Love and esterel are mainly based on the new discovered early-written texts and new translations. Nobody can remember the last time in Love and esterel when an imam criticized the theory of evolution. All mosques in Love and esterel are now mixed with men and women.

Reconstructionist Judaism is a non-theistic denomination of Judaism without the belief of revelation. They redefined God as the sum of natural powers or processes that allows mankind to gain self-fulfillment and moral improvement. Reconstructionist Judaism eschatology refers to a messianic era but not to a Messiah. Reconstructionist Judaism Men and Women enjoyed same status and have decided to not use anymore the expression “chosen people”.

Their theologies in Love and esterel are close from positive Jainism. Hindus divinities are widely more considered as avatar of “The Eternal Way" than gods. Love and esterel South Indian temples are famous and admired for their kitsch decorations.

Buddhists, who most are immigrants from Sout-East Asia, celebrate every year the Songkran New-Year Water Festival which had become a major holiday in the whole nation

The O’Norcon Constitution

  • Executive Branch

The Government is composed by The President, the Vice-President and Ministers.

The “Ticket” (President and Vice-President) is elected directly for 5 years in 2 rounds, renewable only once.

The Minister of Foreign-Affairs is also de facto the UN Ambassador.

Governors, in each Island, elected directly for 5 years in 2 rounds

  • Legislative Branch: Congress, Divided in 2 Houses:


elected for 6 years. Each Island have between 0 and 12 seats, proportionally to their population, Islands with less than 20 000 inhabitants have no seat. Islands are free to choose the way senators are elected, as it’s democratic.

The repartition of the senate seats had become taboo in most friends and family meal and reunion, in order to avoid, hot-blooded debate and disputes. This repartition had already changed twice, but it’s an infinite, passionated and problematic debate in Love and esterel

National Assembly:

elected for 5 years in 2 rounds.

Each party presents a ranked list of Candidates. The winning list obtains 50%+1 seats.

The others parties divide the remaining seats proportionally to their scores in 1st round, with the 2nd party securing at least 25% of the seats.

The Congress: as the whole vote the appointments of:

- the Supreme Court Members (majority needed, and supermajority needed for the President of the Supreme Court)

- the Minister of Foreign-Affairs (majority needed)

- all the others Ministers as a whole (or any Minister replacement) (majority needed)

  • Judicial Branch: The supreme Court composed by 9 members appointed for 15 years, non-renewable

3 of them are appointed by the President of the Republic; 3 of them by the Chariman of the Senate; 3 of them by the chairman of the National Assembly.

The President of the Supreme court is appointed by the President of the Republic for the remaining of its mandate.

  • Languages: there are 4 “national languages”, the 4 most spoken languages at the time the constitution was written

In practice English is the current language in administrations and corporations and tend to gain importance in school, in most Islands.

  • Capital: Vagator. It was stated by an amendment to the Constitution, as a thanking for Vagator's role in the creation of the Republic.

Estereli culture


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Music day Celebration in Anjuna

Love and Esterel's main public Holidays:

Constitution Day 4 August Celebrate the vote of the Constitution
"We are All Sapients" Day 12 december Celebrate the vote of the Sapients Bill of rights
Music Day 21 June Music everywhere in the streets of LAE cities
Songkran Water Festival 15 April A jovial community holiday, which later
became a national one
New-Year’s Eve 31 December New Year Calendar


Nightlife may be considered as a ways of life for estereli people, the inhabitants of Love and esterel, as the number and variety of bars, nightclubs and other evening activities is stunning. The main entertainment area in Love and esterel, is Yashibu District in Anjuna, which is also the host of the roller Anjunite Ride. Music is also omnipresent in the Estereli society, with the large success of the "Music day" and the Spring dance Music Conference, which took place every year in the cafe Del Ocean and many others vagator's Beaches.