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Flag of MFUSR
Motto: "Is this loli?"
Region The Swamp
Capital Altair
Official Language(s) Tyrian
Leader General Yuri Uchenko
Population 2 Billion
Currency The Wonk 
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Geography and Environment

MFUSR and its neighbors of Hamboniastion, Calvinastion, and Altrufal are all situated upon the island continent of Tyr, which is located in the northeastern seas. In comparison to other landmasses, the continent is rather small, but it is the home of more than 8 billion human beings. 2 billion of these people live within the borders of MFUSR. MFUSR itself is a temparate nation with little change in climate. The summers are cool and relaxing, while the winters are brisk and chilly at worst. The mountainous nothern point of the continent occasionally recieves some snowfall.

The majority of MFUSR's land is made up of fertile plains with thick green grass. Springs and trees are common as well, but MFUSR does not have any large forests. The plains are hilly at times, but there is usually little variation in elevation. Being on an island, MFUSR also has sandy coastlines. The weather is perfect for a variety of ocean dwelling creatures, but too cold for most humans.



MFUSR's government is a democratically-elected body of assemblymen known as "Eternals". The Eternals are MFUSR's judicial and legislative branch. They write and modify the laws of the land and deal with enforcing them as well. Eternals serve 2 year terms, but can be re-elected as many times as possible. Each of the nation's 15 provinces holds an election every two years to select an Eternal to represent them in the capital. 7 of MFUSR's territories vote during one year, while 7 different provinces elect their Eternal the next year. The exception to this rule is the territory of Zalbarg, which holds an Eternal election every year.

The leader of the Council of Eternals is the highest ranking general of MFUSR's army, the Crimson Knight. He or she is not elected, but rather promoted through the ranks of the military. Because of this appointment, the Crimson Knight usually serves until he or she wishes to retire, when a new Knight is named. The Crimson Knight presides over the Eternal's meetings, guiding the process and adding his or her imput to the ideas presented. The Crimson Knight is granted absolute control over the nation's military, but holds no true power over the ideas of the 15 man council. This restricts the general to a rather symbolic role - except during times of war.

The official title of this system of government is known as Awesomeocracy.

MFUSR's Council of Eternals for the Year of 2006

  • Azmar Alakain of the Province of Zalbarg*
  • Vespucci Othello of the Province of Nytalia*
  • Fane Kaorin of the Province of Midlande
  • Stauffer von Marjin of the Province of Grentzel*
  • Frip Mahmoud of the Province of Thrak
  • Arius Lister of the Province of Oaklande*
  • Portnoy Jan of the Province of Ytsez
  • Hantacle Tarken of the Province of Bakuel
  • Izlude Marius of the Province of Chaucer
  • Teljuk Jark of the Province of Moratia
  • Yzz Ahâz of the Province of Zog
  • Tou Suigin of the Province of Rozen
  • Malmsteen Jager of the Province of Röst
  • Izlude Agrias of the Province of Trent
  • Noin Renthal of the Province of Lespklos

* = Re-elected from 2005

There are 11 male Eternals and 4 female Eternals currently serving on the council. There is one more female on the council than there was last year. 2 Eternals, Frip Mahmoud and Yzz Ahâz, come from Drullic backgrounds. Interestingly enough, two siblings, Izlude Marius and Izlude Agrias, are serving in office at the same time.

MFUSR's Crimson Knight

MFUSR's current Crimson Knight is the general Yuri Uchenko, who follows in the footsteps of the very unpopular Jethro Fren. Unlike his iron-fisted predecessor, Yuri has spearheaded campaigns for intellectual and political freedom in MFUSR. Yuri's liberalism is expected, due to the fact that he is the youngest Crimson Knight in the nation's history: 33 years old. From an early age, he devoted his life to the military. He climbed the army's ranks after serving in numerous decisive battles. His brilliant tactics caught the eyes of Jethro Fren, the current Crimson Knight at the time, and he was named to succeed the leader when he died. The population of MFUSR feared the worst when Yuri took power, but he quickly gained their favor after denouncing the man who appointed him. Yuri resides in the capital of Altair. He is currently unmarried.

Extended Information

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