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Martian Interplanetary Defense And Security ( MIDAS II)
Headquarters: Mars
Members: 3 members
Type: Mutual Defense
Forum: unknown

Mutual Defense Charter

The MIDAS II (Martian Interplanetary Defense And Security (Version II)) Defense Pact is a defensive military pact between several of the Martian powers to provide for their common defense in the face of an outside aggressor.

The Charter

We recognize that Martian Nations are potential targets of Unprovoked Aggression. We establish this Charter to counter this Potential Aggression so that All may see that We will stand strong against Unprovoked Aggression. The Articles contained herein are designed to reinforce individual Sovereignty while providing a strong bulwark of Defense.

Article 1 – Statement of Purpose

Acts of Unprovoked Aggression against a Signatory Nation shall be considered Acts of Aggression against all Signatory Nations. All Signatory Nations shall come to the Defense of the other Signatory Nations; Fielding a Reasonable Force to destroy or deter an Aggressive Force. Signatory Nations who fail to field any Force in a Signatory Nations Defense shall be ejected from the Charter.

Article 2 – Acceptance of New Signatory Nations

Sovereign Nations who wish to become Signatory Nations must seek a Sponsor among the current Signatory Nations. Once a Signatory Nation has accepted the Sponsorship of a Sovereign Nation they shall bring said Nation before the whole for consideration with all due haste. Any Signatory Nation may at any time veto the application. If all Signatory Nations accept the application the Sponsored Nation may then Sign.

Article 3 – Arbitration of Grievances

If a Signatory Nation feels it has not been Reasonably Defended by a Signatory Nation it may call for Arbitration. The whole shall come together, excluding the Accusing Nation and the Accused, and decide whether the charge is true or false based on evidence submitted by the Accuser and the Accused. They will vote on the charges after a period of time, finding them valid or invalid. A Three-Quarters Majority is needed to find the accusations True. If they find they find them True, they will then Vote again after a day has passed. If the same Majority is reached the Accused shall be ejected from the Charter.

Article 4 - Alterations and Additions

This Charter may only be modified by the Agreement of all Signatory Nations. It is also intended to set the groundwork for future treaties involving the Signatory Nations. It should be understood that while any additional Articles and Amendments to this Character will affect the Whole any additional treaties made by the Whole will only affect their Signatories.


We the Undersigned do understand the purpose of this Charter and the Responsibility that Signatory Nations hold.


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