Macaronia and Raviolia

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Macaronia and Raviolia
Flag of Macaronia and Raviolia
Motto: "Aut vincere aut mori"
Region Imperial Pastan Lands
Capital Imperial City
Official Language(s) English,Pastan
Leader HIM James XXIII
Population 500+ million
Currency Macaronian Pound 
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The Empire of Macaronia and Raviolia is a Corporate Police State located in the region of the Imperial Pastan Lands. The Empire takes an interest in world affairs, but rarely involves itself unless its own interests are at risk, or those of its puppet nations - the Duchy of Malokov and the Duchy of Ralakov. The Empire does, however, have an historical dispute with the nations in the Tethys Continent region.

Politics and Government

The Empire of Macaronia and Raviolia is a Corporate Police State, and as such, the government is a dictatorship. All power lies in the hands of Emperor James XXIII, who delegates power as he sees fit - usually into the hands of trusted relatives and their business partners.

Political parties are banned, and government resembles a board meeting of a large conglomerate - with the largest companies in the empire represented, each with a member of the nobility as their Managing Director. These companies usually hold a monopoly over the sectors of the market in which they operate and consumers rarely have freedom of choice when it comes to how they spend their money.

The majority of services are provided to the population by privately-owned corporations, with the exception of the Armed Forces which are held as a public sector interest, with all shares held by the [[Imperial Pastan Family | Imperial Family], and which aim simply to provide a quality service. They are funded by tax.

Members of the Government are not politically answerable to anyone but the Emperor.


Justice and the Law






Location, Frontiers and Area

Climate and Terrain

People and Culture

Pastan Culture

Holidays and Customs


Race and Ethnicity


Rudimentary education

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Secondary education

Post-secondary or tertiary education


International Relations