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The Empire of Magic Sorcery
We Are Dedicated to the Art of Magic!
Flag of M.S.
Official Language None at the Federal Level
Capital Oka
Empress Sakura N. Kinimoto
Foreign Advisor Miyuki Chinchiro
Madison Yuske
Internal Advisor
Establishement Colonization, 1695
Government Type Democratic Empire
Constituiton Ratafied 1692
UN Status Not A Member
National Animal The Dragon
Currency Sickle (SKLE)
National Map
Naval Craft Classification IMF (Imperial Magic Fleet)
Internet TLD
Calling Code
Major Religions
National Anthem Magickata

The Empire of M.S. is a large and culturally rich nation. Based mostly off of Far Eastern Culture of Chinese and Japanese orgins, it has been subnamed an Oriental state. Though it has much more than that. It's actually a nation of sorcery, and magic.


The Empire was established about 1692, as increased witch hunts began to strike fear into the sorcery community. So famlies from all over the world gathered at a remote port and hit the seas. But the journey was long and rough. Once the ships entered the Xanadouien sea, it became rather harsh. Frequent storms plagued the fearful sailors and people, many simple people. Some even turned back, and we're never heard from again. While sailing the Grand Commander Yukiko Mashimo descoverd a mass of rock sticking out of the ocean. Although completly uninhabitable, he convinced many of the officals and people, to start working their magic on the mass of land. However they all knew it would be hard and painful. So slowly they began to work and work. But it was time consuming and very hard on them. And the ships we're having trouble just bobing the stormy seas. One night there was a horrific storm, which blew the ships out of the M.S. Cove. Now they had to sail back and wait further.

Finally after months of chipping away, M.S. went from rocky islands, to a fertal and giant land. Now people began to settle. Initally they we're going to be a freelance colony, however the Grand Commander decided to make it an imperial magistrate. Declaring "We can be a grand Empire of Sorcers, dedicated to the art of magic." (thus became the national motto) And a capital city was established. Initially it was going to be called Mashimo, but Yuki decided to name it Oka, because of the fertile cherry blossom treas growing.

Mashimo died a year later, ulimatley because of the strain of creating. Soo after more and more that worked followed. Then the Katsuma Family came into power. The Imperial House unaminoulsy decided to elect Lt. Noriyuki Katsuma would take the Empire, and his son would become Prince. He also had a daughter but wouldn't allow her to deem title of Princess. In a dramtic twist, Ayumi Katsuma murdered her brother, and blamed it on a peaseant farmer. Because Noriyuki was unwedded and had no other heirs, the Imperial House decided to make Ayumi Princess and Heiress.


But the drama didn't stop there. Ayumi was very anxious to take the throne, and wound up duling her father into submission. She took the throne and would be Empress for 10 years.

Ayumi died in 1703. Her funneral was on a rather stormy day, which had some people a bit fearful the gods were not happy with the family. Of course she wasn't the last of her family. But a another family wanted to take reign. The Mashimo family wanted to take back their legacy as founders and rulers of the nation. Ther daughter Kazuu Mashimo challanged the son, Kyo. Kazuu won the dule to the death, and the title was taken.

Kazuu Mashimo was the Declared Empress of Magic Sorcery


Now the Mashimo Family was back in rule, things began to change. The Mashimo's we're fierce conservatives. Empress Mashimo gathered everyone in the middle of the city of Oca, and had them stacke their barrles of rum and ale. She burned them all. Kazuu delcared it "An immoral and foul drink that deteres the morality of men." Her personal diaries later indicated she was raped by her drunken father. She also outlawed tobbaco, weed and everything else. And the Mashimo reign went on for another 100 years. In 1803 The last of the Mashimos died out. The Imperial House needed to choose a new blood line. Up for grabs we're the Kinimoto Family, the Li Family, and Honda Family. The Honda's we're chosen. Lady Michiko Honda was named empress and her children heirs. Of course she had 7 Children.


Unlike most Imperial Crownships, She actually didn't live in Oka City, before or after her declaration. She actuall lived in the cove on a house ship.

Another Hundred Years would pass before the Reign of the Honda would come to an end. Now it was down to the orginal two and a new person. Yet another female was chosen, Yukiko Katsuma was chosen, and held to take the throne. However her lover challanged the position, and duled her into submission. Now the throne was given to Hiroyuki Kobayashi took the throne, he lasted for about 50 years.

In 1853, the Kinimoto family was deemed the Imperial Head. And their bloodline remains to this day with Sakura Kinimoto.


Sakura Kinimoto took the throne from her late father in 1999. Since then she's been trying to expand her influence in the world.


M.S. Has a rich culture of tradition, based off of old Japan. However no cast system exists that restricts peoples social satus. People rise and fall by their doings, not by their family's history.

Although the culture is traditional, and somewhat old fashioned, there are modern motifs to it. M.S. has recently oppend a few movie theaters, and people do often dress in modern fassion. Thoes that keep with tradition, dress in either Kimono's or mage robes. Generally Kimonos are worn in rurual towns or villages, more than the cities like Oka. Generally they are reserved for festivals. In the heat of summer, people will strip their mage robes for more modern outfits to keep cool. Either as simple as jeans and a tee of tank, or a light beezy kimono. Just depends on how you are.

Annualy there is a grand festival, of arts, music and cutlure. People dress in there traditional outfits, and visit the many booths and watch the stage shows. Games and prizes are awarded, and there is much food.

Favorite dishes amongst the M.S. people are actually any dish. Few are ever pickey about what they eat. Everything from Octopus balls, to Cheese Burgers are all the rage.

Homosexuality isn't forbidden, and it's illegal to discriminate against it. It is common to see Gay or Lesbians in the streets, but few notice as they blend in like everyone else. Otherwise people who are hetrosexuals enjoy their family. You can marry as young as 13 in M.S. and no one can stop you. This leads to many young couples, and children. The Imperial House encourages people to have a lot of children, so the percentage of elderly people doesn't exceed 50% In the times it does, periods will be ran to actually pay people to have children.

Dance and Music are common. Small towns love to put on a good theater show and show off their magic. Student's often take up a musical instrument, or go into theater classes.

Teen culture is sometimes radically different from adults. Teens aren't afraid to be who they are, and love who they want.



M.S. is a very accpeting place for minorites. Half-Animal people have been known to live there, more than any other place in the world.


It's rare to find someone who is prejudiced, or a bigiot of any sort. If you are one, well you aren't going to get a friendly feedback.


Children start main education at about seven. Some will attend early pre-schools to begin their motor skills.

  • Early Education: 1st-4th Grade

In this stagem the basics are focused on. Reading, writing, aritmitic, and all the run of the mill stuff. Depening on region, some will start early magic training with out staffs, or some will also start multi-national language.

  • Mid Level Education: 5th-7th

At this level student's now recive their stafs. They learn basic spells, scroll making and writing, and proper care. They learn incantaions, and may even continue with wand-less magic. They will also learn the history of the nation, and the government.

  • High Education: 8th-12th Grade

Students at this point learn more and more advanced spells. They learn how to make staff and gems for their staffs, or other objects. They learn the history of the world, and pre-carrer methods.

  • Seconday Ecuation:

Students who do move on to secondary education are likely pursuing very challanging careers. Magic Tech is pushed the max level here. They may also be looking into international work. The highest degree one in M.S. can earn is a MAGI.D. With a MAGI. D. You are fully authorized to any line of work in and out of M.S. even start a colony. If you are really good you can get Experts Choice Certification on your MAGI.D.


Natural Disasters

Weather controll is a very hard skill to learn. Even if you do, it's likely to fail 5/10 times. Therefore annually all sorts of disasters strike M.S. Hurricanes are commong along the southern coast, though they do ocasionally creep up. Otherwise, tornados are very common, as well as earthquakes. People are usually well prepared and they take few lives. Floods though are problem for farmers, due to loss of crops.

Foreign relations and military

M.S. has few allies. When it did seek to futher it's politcal influence it proved to be shunned by many nations in the world. It holds relations with a few nations today, but still seeks more.

THe military is primarly used as a defense force. The men and women who inlist are trained in both stadard weaponry, as well as magic weaponry. Although it does have a centalized military, militas exist in the nation. The militias are usually patirot forces meant to protect M.S.

Imperial House

The Imperial House is the main government system in M.S. It's controlled by Empress Kinimoto and her advisors. The Imperial House also choses the imperial rule for the nation.

The Imperial house handles laws, domestic and international affairs.

The Imperial Families

Main article(s): Imperial Famlies of Magic Sorcery


From Religious Groups

M.S. is usually criticized by extreme conservatives for practicing witch craft. When a disaster happens people tell them God is punishing them, and they will all burn in Hell. People have been known to show up at funerals shouting these extreme statements.

Hostile Actions Against the World

Seishro Kotobuki took controll of M.S. when Empress Kinimoto fell very ill. Becuase doctors were not sure if she could recover, Kotobuki was given high authority. This couldn't have come at a worse time. M.S. had been ignored by most of the world and even rejected upfront for relations. Seshiro was showing his disapproval by deporting all non-magical people from M.S. Territory. (Much like the Stevid Deportations in the Stevid Cold War) He was also threatening to wage action against the world. Most took action against his policy. Kanami stood up for M.S. saying "If the world doesn't like it, maybe they shouldn't have ignored them.


Before and during the M.S. Crises. Before the crises M.S. annexed Lautsburgia and Seanovia. Many of the radical conservative nations didn't like the nation growing, and attempted to accuse M.S. of imperialism. However M.S. took the land that was abandond by it's cental government.

During the Crises M.S. began taking small nations and colonies by force. Empress Kinimoto returned the land, and aplogized. However M.S. still has a few areas remaing from the crises.


Office Incumbent House
Empress Sakura Kinimoto Imperial
Minister of Defense and Security Yuki Honda Imperial
Ministers of Foreign Relations Madison Yuske
Miyuki Chinchiro
Global Royal House
Ministry of the Interior Touya Makato House of Common Wealth