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The Democratic Elective Monarchy of Maraque

The Democratic Elective Monarchy of the Secular Empire of Maraque (Maraquean: Das Domokrata Electische Monarke of das Sekularisch Empiera of Maraikae) is a vast tropical paradise in the region of Atlantian Oceania. The country in the far northwest corner of the region also has claims in the regions of Javaani and Devaraja which includes more than 43 million square miles of territory. Maraque is a member state of the Grand Imperial Alliance, COMECON-SD, and the GUSN. It is a former member state of the United Dominion Commonwealth.

Most Maraqueans are liberal in nature; both economically and socially, although they hold a socialistic ideal that every corporation is in the business for the people, and that the people that purchase (as well as make) their products are to be treated with respect and dignity. In this regard they are also very generous donators, giving more than $100.99 billion NSD to international charities helping billions of the unfortunate worldwide. Domestically Maraqueans enjoy great civil and political freedoms; drugs, smoking, and consuming alcohol are legal for anyone 19 years and over, and citizens vote for a new parliament every two years.

Maraque is one of the regions leading industrial powers, currently being the 3rd most powerful economy in the region. On the world stage, however, it lacks a reputation for this because it does not engage in much international incidents, instead choosing to remain low key for the time being. Recently the Royal Armed Forces has seen an increase in membership to nearly 33 million men and women.


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Party Leader(s) Description Seats on the Imperial Senate 528
The Liberal Party Rhavi Veka The Liberal Party is a far-left political party in the Democratic Elective Monarchy, and is the most popular and influential among the populous, dominating the vast majority of seats in the Imperial Congress. Among their goals as a party is to keep the strong unity and progressive movement sweeping through the nation, and to give more of the populous the rights and freedoms they deserve, most notably the gay community who are not considered 2nd class citizens in this country by any spec of the imagination. 251
The New Socialist Party Bertram DeSalis The New Socialist Party is a left-of-center political party that is allied strongly with the dominant Liberal Party. The ideals of this party differ from what most people view socialists as; the New Socialist Party believes in a form of a free-market/closed market hybrid which leaves main operations free market, while keeping key markets such as electricity, water, insurance, etc, under state control. 132
The Centrist Party Stephen Norris The Centrist Party is a middle-of-the-road party in the sense that their members are usually the swing-voters in each election, resulting in some very interesting results. Their party usually is split 50/50 when it comes to votes in the Imperial Senate, and it is also where many people seek membership because of their own clashing ideals. 13
The New Capitalist Party Cedrick Keilbach The New Capitalist Party is a right-wing party that focuses primarily on the economy, but is usually socially conservative. They want a no-bars economy where corporations hold complete and utter power over the people that make their hearts tick. They have a mind numbingly strong backing in both the Imperial Senate and the entire Imperial Congress, which completely baffles most people because not many will actually admit to being a member of said party in the first place. 8
Environmentalist Party Lily Angels The Environmentalist Party is a far-left wing political party and among one of the most popular in the Democratic Elective Monarchy. Full of hippies, pot smokers, and other apathetic people, this party is widely popular for its very vocal support of environmental causes, especially because of Maraque’s lax pollution laws which have all but ruined some parts of the country. It is also the party with the youngest membership per capita. 118
The Christian Doctrine Party Rev. Gerard Strauss The Christian Doctrine Party is among the least favorite of all the major parties in the Democratic Elective Monarchy. It holds only one seat in the Imperial Senate and very few seats in the other three houses of the Imperial Congress. Mostly made up of Christian Fundamentalists, it is widely unpopular among moderate Christians and the vast secular population. It wants to create a theocratic system of government and create laws based solely on scripture. 1
The Conservative Party Harry Jacobson The Conservative Party is, just like the Christian Doctrine party, one of the least favorable of the major political parties. This is where the brunt of the moderate religionists holds membership because the other parties are either too liberal or too conservative. It’s main goal is to instill socially conservative laws and to stop the progressive movement that has swept through the country in the past several years. 5