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Margaretization is the way in which the Druidan government claimed to have played their part in the team's relative success at World Cup 18. Before the start of the qualifying campaign, President Smith introduced a programme to increase the teams luck by creating a "Margaret Army", by taking the features of Margaret, a citizen of Snub Nose 38, and recreating them all over Druida. People were given 10,000 cwul to change their name to Margaret, though Smith's plan was to recoup a large proportion of the money by selling sacrificial merchandise. Indeed, this is why Smith changed his name from Trevor to Margaret, to encourage others to do likewise.

However, the plan was flawed. As the cost of someone changing their name back to what it was was only 7,000 cwuls, people kept changing their name back and forth until they had made themselves a fortune. Indeed, only 41 other people changed their names during the programme's duration. Meanwhile, the Druidan merchandise was shoddy, and barely sold. Indeed, the original Margaret threatened to sue Druida for loss of earnings until the extent of the programme's failure became clear. The Druidan government eventually lost over 5 billion cwuls in the scheme, though as most of this went straight back to the people, no-one was complaining - in effect, the Margaretization process was actually a tax cut.