Marienburg United

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Marienburg United
Fullname: Marienburg United Football Club
Nickname: The Black Lions
Founded: 1895
Home Ground: Carlosini Lane
Capacity: 80,000
Manager: Giaseppe Orleanz
Current Division: The Royal King's Division
Chairman: Alfonso Riotto

Marienburg United Football Club are a St Samuel football club, based at Carlosini Lane stadium in Marienburg, and are one of the most popular sports clubs in the country, with over 50 million supporters throughout the region.

Marienburg United are one of the most successful clubs in St Samuel having won the most amount of Kings Division.

Current Squad

  • GK: Niclas Corinthian (Nationality: St Samuel)
  • DC: Morten Halliethima (Nationality: Southern Holdinia)
  • DC: Vincenzo Zanthia (Nationality: St Samuel)
  • DR: Asul E'i (Nationality: Ariddia)
  • DL: Mohammed al-Wazi (Nationality: Abu Omar)
  • CM: Leo Sensini (Nationality: St Samuel)
  • CM: Mario Corsadini (nationality: St Samuel)
  • RM: Maxi Bezzi-Louaza (Nationality: St Samuel)
  • LM: Jacques Clocher (Nationality: Ariddia)
  • CF: Simon Ryne Olson (Nationality: Zwangzug)
  • CF: Lorezo Marabarini (Nationality: St Samuel)




Carlosini Lane, Marienburg

Capacity: 80,000 all seater