Markus Cragg

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Markus Cragg
U21 Caps:13
U21 Goals:0
Clubs Played For:Basian Valley
Starblaydia All-Time XI Nomination, AOCAF 4, 7 & 8 Winner

Continually behind Da Silva in the race for the differently-coloured jersey through comparative youth and inexperience, Markus Cragg's huge frame was something special in front of goal, as he was built like a tank, commanding his area with ease. His goal-kicks frequently went straight to the opposition's penalty box after a kick from his massive boot.

Markus first went to World Cup 18 as an understudy to 32 year-old Rodriguez Da Silva, but from then on he made the spot his own with a series of excellent displays. World Cup 19, 20 and 21 all saw Cragg in the #1 shirt, until at the age of 41 he retired from the game, his tank-like physique slowly turning to something derided by opposing fans, specifically: "You fat bastard".

He still holds the un-offical record for SCB:Sports' 'Crossbar from the Halfway-Line' competition on the hit morning show 'Football Fry-Up' .