Markus Rumbiak

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Markus Rumbiak
Founder of the Revoluonary Council of Tanah Burung, Mouthpiece of the People's Suffering, Paramount Chief of the Biak people, Keeper of the Pledges of Loro Sae, Chairman of the National Whist-playing Association
Current position
Anti-colonialist martyr
Favourite saying
"Death to colonialism!"

Born in a river-side longhouse on the same bed as his father and granfather, Markus Rumbiak was one of the first generation of Tanah Burung nationalists. He played an especially important part in weaving the nation together during the struggle for Tanah Burung Independence and served for a long period on the collective presidency. No diplomat, Rumbiak tended to get his country into trouble, but never missed the chance for a burst of furious political rhetoric while he was at it. During his final campaign to return to power on a radical anti-colonial platform, Rumbiak was killed in a duel by William Ashtonbury, an operative of the East Gallaga Company, who quickly faded from the scene. His funeral was as temptestuous as his long life, as factions fought over his coffin. His career was the inspiration for the Rumbiak Brigade.