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Martelism is a monotheistic religion that is mostly focused on the worship of the goddess Martel.


Martelism is one of the oldest religions on the NationStates Earth; it dates back to 4,000 BC. According to legend, the religion was created by the legendary Prophet of Martelism and Hero of Tethe'alla, Mithos Yggdrasill, who, according to sources, was the sister to the goddess. Mithos set down the doctorines of the religion, and spread it to all of the Tethe'allic tribes.

From 4,000 BC to the 16th century AD, Martelism was the main religion of the former Kingdom of Tethe'alla until its annexation by the expanding Ness Snorlaxian Empire.

Martel, Mithos, Kratos, and Yuan were heroes for stopping a war between the kingdom or Tethe'alla, and Sylvarant.


Martelists believe that they must pray to Martel everyday to awaken Her from the deep sleep She is in. When this is achieved, the world will return to eternal peace and Mana is not needed to be generated from a great tree.

Right now, however, besides praying to Martel, Martelists may also pray to the Cruxis, which is a group of angels that have served importance, and to Spiritua, the first Chosen.

At death, Martelists who have been faithful are believed to be reborn again, while those who haven't (by either not praying to Martel for one year or commiting a sin) are sent to Niflheim, or the underworld. They are doomed to stay there for eternity, unless they are one of the few who defeat the Living Armour that lies on the 15th floor.

Creation of the Earth

The Summon Spirits Efreet, Celicius, Volt, Gnome, Undine, Shadow, Luna and Aska, and the Sylph created the World of as we know.

"Efreet created the fires that burn at the center of the world, the molten flames on the top were cooled by the winds of sylph, the coolness of Celcius, and the waters of Undine. as well as cooling of the earth, Undine made the rivers lakes and oceans, and Slyph created the gentle winds and boorish Hurricanes that drift across the lands. Celsius froze some of Undine's waters and in cooperation, cretaed icy tundras at certain areas of the world. Gnome keeps the gravity sound and the grounds fertile. Luna and Aska allow the light of day to reach the land, while Shandow gave cool darkness in caves and in areas which need it. Volt, the most uncontrlable of them all, creates the elcetricity that we humans have harnassed for our own uses now; His electrity is also what lights the night on the stormy nights." (from the Book of Martel)

Summon Spirits

According to legend, Mithos used creatures called Summon Spirits to unite the Tethe'allic tribes and spread the way of Martelism (names and description are mentioned in the above paragraph). These Summon spirits each had a different element to them, and would protect these elements. The leader of the summon spirits is called Origin.

Church of Martel

Faithful Martelists are not required to go to church, as they can set up an altar to Martel and the angels of Cruxis in their own home, but most do. There is no set worship date, so most Martelists go to church when it is convienent for them.

There is a religious structure in place, with the Pope of Martelism as the head of the church, much like the real life Pope.

At all churches, the confession of sins is encouraged, and will supposedly help in the process of reviving Martel.

The ancient Tethe'allic language is used as an official language by the church.


In Martelism, many popes and priests, when they have done something important in the religion, they are worshipped as angels, collectively called Cruxis. There are four supreme angels, called the Grand Seraphim of Cruxis that are only subordinate to the goddess Martel herself. These are;

  • Kratos Aurion, friend to Mithos
  • Yuan, person who was in love with Martel
  • Mithos Yggdrasill, the prophet
  • Botta, Yuan's friend

The Giant Kharlan Tree

Martelists believe that there is a tree, called the Giant Kharlan Tree, which gives the world its source of mana (similar to matter). If this tree were to be destroyed in any way, legend has it that the Earth would divide into two planets which would be linked together by mana links. These two planets would compete for mana, with one world dying and the other thriving. This, supposedly, would continue until a hero releases all of the Summon Spirits and defeat Mithos himself.

The Chosen Ritual

Mithos believed that Martel would someday be resurected. He believed that to awake the Goddess, She would need a new body for Her mind. When this was accomplished, the world will be "re-generated," as in that a new golden age would be brought to the whole Earth, and possibly the universe. Every century, a person known as the Chosen was chosen at Meltokio to complete the journey. Chosens often gathered the help of their friends.

Each journey would begin on January 1, and ended June 1. If a chosen failed to complete the journey, then they would have to be stopped as they were not deemed suitable for the Goddess Martel. A chosen would be chosen the next year, and this continued every year until the journey was completed.

When they reached the Tower of Salvation, they would be sacrificed, and help Martel awaken from her sleep. According to legend, when Her mind would be sucessfully transfered, the world would be re-generated and a new era of peace would start.


In Martelism, all able-bodied Martelists are encouraged to take pilgrimages to various holy sites in the world. These include:

  • The Tower of Salvation - this is where the Chosen was sacrified once per century, although since the practice stopped, it has since become the holiest site within all of Martelism.
  • Thoda Geyser - this is the area where the first chosen, Spiritua, was supposedly born.
  • Meltokio, Tethe'alla - Meltokio is the holy city in Martelism. As such, it is where the main cathedral is located, and where the pope of the religion lives.

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