Martian Free Trade Agreement

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Martian Free Trade Agreement
Headquarters: Sunset
Members: 18 members
Type: Economic Treaty
Forum: none

The Martian Free Trade Agreement (MFTA) is a free trade agreement of Martian and other nations.

Treaty text

We, The Signatories of this Document, Understanding that Free Trade is important to the success of our Economies do enter into the following Agreement of our own Desire and Free Will.

Statement One

No Signatory nation shall level punative tariffs or taxes against products imported by another Signatory Nation. This statement shall not include such things as National Sales Taxes except where those taxes are individually leveled against products imported by a Signatory Nation.

Statement Two

Signatory Nations shall act to Break or Ignore a Trade Blockade enacted against a Signatory Nation by Force if Nessecary. Signatory Nations shall not act to restrict trade to other Signatory Nations in any way.

Statement Three

Signatory Nations who do not hold to either of the above two Statements shall be removed as Signatories without Vote. Such a Signatory may not be reinstated without the Approval of all Current Signatories in Good Standing.

Statement Four

This Agreement shall not be subject to change. It is not seen as an Evolving Document rather as a Static Agreement.

Statement Five

Any Nation, excepting those covered under Statement Three, may at any time become a Signatory to this Agreement.



It should be noted that this treaty does not include a clause concerning ignored nations. The treaty cannot force nations who ignore one or more signatory nations to recognize them in any way. As with all roleplaying situations, players chose who they will recognize and nations in this situation should honour this. Specifically, not all members of MFTA recognise 'Mars B' as existing and some feel OOC that these nations can not be a part of the treaty.

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