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Nation: Ethan Smith
Function: Capital of Martinos County
Population: 5,295,617
Leader: Ethan Smith (mayor)

Martinos is a city along the southeastern coast of Ethan Smith.


Fort Martinos
Martinos first started out as a fort built by invaders to early Ethan Smith, around 1000 A.D. Cornith, the old capital, was sacked by these barbarians, and the capital moved to Martinos. The stronghold was on a strategic peninsula, far enough away from the natives but close enough to attack people. It had a nice stretch of calm waters without dangerous winds. The foreigners built wharfs on either side of the fort for easy trade and transportation.

In around the 12th century, Lahoyia Ponchbart revolted against the invaders. He led angered citizens of Ethan Smith from the banks of the Ekāna River to the area now known as Lahoyia Beach. Years of fighting ensued and the rebellion was named the Lahoyia Uprising. The barbarians left, and the day was proclaimed Independence Day, but the area around Martinos was deserted.

The Ethan Smithians moved to the area in around the 13th century because they realized the invaders left behind a vital trading post. Martinos became a city in 1288. The city wasn't on many maps until the 1920s; during the 1920s, the sleepy town was discovered by movie directors as a scenic location for many of Ethan Smith's early movies. Martinos has been a movie hot spot ever since because of the tropical environment and fortress-like layout.

Modern Martinos
Today, Martinos is becoming bigger and more modern because of the influx of tourists and vacationers. New buildings are being built yearly, and the Martinos Domestic Airport has just been built to accommodate the increasing number of people.


With a population of 5,295,617, the city of Martinos is the fourth-largest city in Ethan Smith. The city is mild year-round with an average temperature of 70ºF (21ºC). December is the coldest month, around 62ºF (17ºC), and June is the warmest month with an temperature of around 81ºF (27ºC). The constant temperatures make Martinos a tourist spot for many people.

The city is located just south of Lahoyia Beach along the southeastern coast of Ethan Smith. It sits on a peninsula with harbors on both side of the city. The original fort (today called Fort Martinos) is at the tip of the peninsula.