Mathieu Vergniaud

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Mathieu Vergniaud
Deputy Speaker to the United Nations
left-leaning anti-sovereigntist

Mathieu Vergniaud was born in rural Isidis in 1970. He attended university at Burroughs, the largest city in Ecopoeia, studying Journalism and Politics. Following graduation, he made a name for himself as a vitriolic commentator on the Fossae Herald, a newspaper already notorious for its hyperbolic invective.

Given this background, it should come as no surprise that Vergniaud has often struggled with UN diplomacy since his election to the position of Deputy Speaker in June 2004. The extra pressures of serving as the Anticapitalist Alliance's deputy delegate to the UN in the period June-September 2005 did, at times, bring his bombastic tendencies to the fore, despite the best efforts of his senior, Varia Yefremova. Vergniaud's confrontations with the Omigodtheykilledkenny ambassador, Jack Riley, during the Freedom of Conscience debate made for grimly fascinating viewing.

Yet, for all his bluster, Vergniaud has displayed an unexpectedly vulnerable side in his dealings with the Telidian ambassador, Lydia Cornwall. Several delegates have voiced their suspicion that romance is blossoming, though if this is the case then they are undertaking a painfully long courtship.

With Yefremova leaving her position in December 2005 (having been successful in her bid to become the nation's Speaker for International Relations), the role of senior Speaker to the UN became available. However, Vergniaud was disinclined to take on extra responsibilities and the post went to Lata Chakrabarti after fresh elections that attracted little interest.

Mathieu Vergniaud lives in South Fossa, Isidis island. He has no children.