Maurijn de Kaste

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Maurijn de Kaste
General de Kaste and Bina de Kaste)
(Afra Da'reaven - presumed dead)

Maurijn de Kaste is a blue-eyed Knootian (with some Arabic blood from his mother Bina de Kaste) who is now about twenty-five years old. His father is the popular Commander in Chief of the Knootian Defence Force, General de Kaste. As such, Maurijn is the heir to the de Kaste family assets which includes a villa with servants and security personel. His character is totally unlike his fathers, who is a big-moustached military man. Maurijn is seen as friendly, polite and tenderhearted by friends around him. Others consider him to be somewhat effeminate. He plays both the piano and violin.

The name is pronounced MAU-ryn. AU = OU, as in ‘router’ and IJ = Y, as in ‘why’.


Maurijn was born under the constellation Libra in the family residence, where he grew up getting an excellent private education. In his educational career, Maurijn favoured the arts and other creative subjects over more technical and physical subjects. He never took much interest in politics or the military despite his fathers attempts to inspire him in those fields. Instead, the quiet Maurijn started playing the piano and the violin at a very young age. At fifteen he won the second place at the famous Christina Concours with his violin. His reputation as an "uptown guy" did get to the press, but he was never overexposed to these outside influences and remained focussed on his music and on the arts.

When visiting an international conference with his father, he met Afra Da'reaven who was the Surpreme Chancellor of Biotopia. This meeting triggered an informal relationship which lasted for several months. Weekend rendezvous were kept discreet as they zeppelined between Biotopia and Knootoss - although they would often use a third destination for their meetings to avoid recognition.

After a private ceremony, they were engaged and later married. The engagement party had many guests, including Biotopian Prime Minister Ulixa Zame, senior members of the Knootian embassy, several delegates from the NHU and CACE as well as representatives of KIST nations. Still, the majority of guests were private friends of the Supreme Chancellor and of Maurijn. Both of Maurijns parents (Bina de Kaste and General de Kaste) attended despite security risks to the Commander in Chief.

Maurijn and Afra were happily married for a couple of years...

  • <revolution, ONC, have to link all that and discuss it with the biotopia player>
  • <Moving back to family and going to Mars in wake of Afra death>

Currently, he is a member of the Nieuw Rotterdam city council in Djabjog on Mars, where he mostly assists his father and tentatively explores this new life far from the lush and green Biotopia and far from the cultural centres of Knootoss. Despite his hatred of the politics that killed his spouse it seems that this young Knootian, too, is destined to take his place in the history of the nation.

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