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Megacorporations are mega-powerful corporations commonly featured in near future scifi universes wherein national governments are simply no longer the dominant political organizations. Generally, a megacorporation (or "Megacorp") is portrayed as an immense, often immoral, multinational business entity that governs and oppresses futuristic Dystopian society.

The theme of corporations, especially megacorps, taking over global society and subverting nationalist governments is fairly central to NS and, indeed, Jennifer Government.

In Roleplaying, several nations are run by megacorporations (such as Santa Barbara) while other nations are megacorporations themselves. (such as The Resi Corporation or The Vortex Corporation. Some state industries have taken the form of megacorporations, such as TIS State Industries where others such as Pink Bunny Cola Incorporated may operate in many different nations.

Megacorporations in RPGs, Books and Films

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