Melkor Unchained

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Melkor Unchained
Flag of Melkor Unchained
Motto: War is simply a continuation of politics by other means
yeah right
Region Arda
Capital Angband
Official Language(s) Black Speech and Haradrim are most dominant, though the Easterlings, Veriags and Dunlendings all have their own languages
Leader Melkor
Population roughly 4 billion
Currency credit 
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The Gist

The Five Kingdoms of Melkor Unchained is a ridiculously massive nation located in the region Arda. The Five Kingdoms are (in order of their landmass): Far Harad, Near Harad, Nova Rhûn, Dunland, and Khand. The Stronghold Province, often referred to loosely as the "Sixth Kingdom" is located in the northern quadrant, scant degrees below the Arctic Circle and stretching partway down into the temperate zone, bordering Dunland and Nova Rhûn. Angband, the Capital, is a massive stronghold in the extreme north of the nation, with the secondary fortress of Utumno acting as a buffer to the south. Both strongholds are primarily subterranean fortifications, with what little infrastructure they have above ground covered on three sides by mountain ranges: the Ered Wethrin to the North Angband, and Ered Gorgoroth to the South Utumno.


The Five Kingdoms is ruled, of course, by the fallen Vala Melkor, who returned from the Void after a lengthy imprisonment by the remaining Valar for his actions in the First Age. Ruling the entire nation from Angband, Lord Melkor (referred to as "Morgoth" by the Elves) never leaves the pit fortress, issuing his commands and edicts from the deepest of Angband's pits. His existence is something of an enigma to the citizens of Dor Daedoloth, as he has never been seen save by a select few. To most, the buck seems to stop with Lord Alkanphel, who acts as Melkor's right hand, dealing with various economic, military, and domestic issues.


Immediately beneath Alkanphel is the Warlord Council of Dor Daedoloth, consisting of Warlords Konrad Althalon, Marcus Garrand, and Phárros Adûnakhôr. The Warlord Council is primarily responsible for military operations, with little power over trade and foreign relations. Despite their lack of ability to dictate domestic or foreign policy, the Warlord Council is often deployed as a diplomatic corps, as the Armed forces are a very important part of the Five Kingdoms' culture.


...more will come if I can figure out how the rest of this works and if I stop being lazy.