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Flag of Menelmacar
Motto: Minë arnanorë nu minë iluvala Elentári.
Region Tareldanore
Capital Vinyatírion
Official Language(s) Quenya, Sindarin, English
Leader Sirithil nos Fëanor
Population 5.5 billion
Currency Menelmacari Credit 
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The Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar was initially founded almost thirty-two thousand years ago by refugees from the Elven city of Ost-in-Edhil in the realm of Eregion, destroyed by Sauron midway through the second age. The empire was initially founded with the intention of providing a safe haven for any Elves seeking one, and also of continuing on the path Eregion had forged, one of supremacy in the twin arts of science and magic, yet without the aid of external powers.

The exiles' ships landed at what is now known as the Fëanorian Isles, building their capital of Vinyatirion within the natural walls of the mountains they named the Pelóri. For many years they struggled against hostile nearby tribes of Orcs and Men and tamed the rugged lands. As the population grew, the borders expanded across the archipelago, and when Menelmacar reached its present size, the Elves became content to consolidate. Other human realms surrounding the growing empire showed high demand for Elven goods, and Menelmacar capitalized on these trade relations to the hilt, at great profit to themselves.

More recently, starting roughly five thousand years ago, was a period of relative isolationism that ended only recently; the two main interruptions in this were Menelmacar's alliance with The Roman Empire, and the world-spanning exploratory journey of the first gravship, Randir, approximately a thousand years ago, which touched many realms. There were also assorted colonizations outwards from Menelmacar during this period, which were independent of the Menelmacari government.

Recently Menelmacar began a policy of engagement with the international community as a response to public opinion that Menelmacar's non-interference in the two World Wars had needlessly cost tens of millions of lives. Today Menelmacar's alliances and trade relations extend to all corners of human and Elven civilization, and the empire has undergone an aggressive but generally-peaceful policy of colonization and expansion, both on Earth and off.


Location: Tareldanorë


  • Land: Approximately equal to the contiguous United States, roughly 9,629,091 km² (Menelmacar proper only)
  • Water: Ehh... more.
  • Total: A whole heck of a lot.

Land Boundaries

Border Countries: Lavenrunz, Seck'Sapeel (subterranean), Gabil-gathol (subterranean), and others yet to be determined ;). Formerly EOTED, prior to that nation's sinking below the waves by Eru Ilúvatar. (Menelmacar proper only)

Coastline: 202,820 km (Menelmacar proper only)

Maritime Claims

  • Contiguous zone: 24 NM
  • Territorial sea: 12 NM, plus all of Airemma
  • Exclusive economic zone: 200 NM, plus all of Airemma
  • Continental shelf: 200 NM or to the edge of the continental margin, whichever is greater


Equatorial, with temperate regions in the north. Cool in the mountains; arid desert regions in the southwest.


Vast archipelago of mountainous, heavily-forested islands with broad, richly fertile river valleys. Grassy plains in northwest and southeast, arid desert in southwest.

Elevation extremes

  • Lowest Point: Sea level
  • Highest Point: Taniquetil, 9741 m

Natural Resources

Mithril, gold, iron, molybdenum, diamonds, bauxite, phosphates, mineral sands, nickel, potash, uranium, silver, tin, mercury, tungsten, copper, zinc, petroleum, natural gas, timber

Land use

  • Arable Land: 29.73%
  • Other: 69.83%
  • Permanent Crops: 0.44%

Natural Hazards: Hurricanes on eastern coastlines. A few volcanoes. Blizzards and permafrost in the mountains; occasional sandstorms in southwestern desert.


Population: 6,054,000,000 (October 2005 Estimate)

Life Expectancy at Birth:

  • Elven: indefinite
  • Human: 94.26 years (Without alteration, indefinate lifespans are generally easily available)

HIV/AIDS – Adult Prevalence Rate: negligible

HIV/AIDS – People Living with AIDS: ~500 (2005 Estimate)

HIV/AIDS – Deaths: Less than 10 (2005 Estimate)


  • Noun: Menelmacari
  • Adjective: Menelmacari

Ethnic Groups

(full citizens residing in Menelmacar proper only) Elven 95% (Noldor 65%, Sindar 15%, Avari 5%, Silvan 5%, Vanyar 5%), Human 3% (no ethnicity above 0.25%), other 2% (drow, foxgirl, etc.)


i Voronë ('The Faith') 90%, agnostic 5%, Sirithilist 2%, Jewish 1%, Christian 1%, no other faith above 0.5%

Principal Languages

Quenya, Sindarin, English, Necrontyr


Definition: Age 15 and over can read and write
Total population: effectively 100%
Male: effectively 100%
Female: effectively 100%


Country Name

  • Conventional Long Form: Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
  • Conventional Short Form: Menelmacar
  • Local Long Form: Oira Noldorinwa Arnanorë Menelmacariva
  • Local Short Form: Menelmacar
  • Abbreviation: ENEM

Government Type

Unicameral advisory Conclave of Equals, half elected, half nobility, answering to an absolute hereditary monarch, the Elentári.



Administrative Divisions

Menelmacar proper, plus two external provinces (All Elves), six in-system colonies (Eärendil, Isil, Carnil, Ceres, Valarauka, Tulkas), four out-system colonies (Vinyarda, Baal IV, Duat, Ares). Menelmacar also has several barren star systems under claim for purposes of resource extraction, as well as stations scattered throughout the Sol system (most notably in the Jupiter subsystem) for the same purpose. For administrative purposes these are all covered under 'Deep Space Resource Areas' and administrated as territories.

Dependant Areas

  • Menelmacari America (protectorate; consists of eastern former US; partition of nation with the Californian Federation and NYNJ ended the Second Civil War with endorsement of American public and then-President MADDOX),
  • Menelmacari Congo (protectorate; consists of former Democratic Republic of Congo-Kinshasa; Menelmacar intervened in local civil war, ending bloodshed and re-establishing order and prosperity),
  • The Menelmacari Emirates (protectorate; consists of the unification of the former nations of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates; seized in the aftermath of the Drum Gods collapse),
  • Roania (protectorate; ceded by Kionash Tor Yvresse),
  • Bajon (subdivision of Carnil colony; ceded by Bajoni royal family with public support),
  • Khazad-dûm (protectorate; ceded by Liangite dwarves in the aftermath of the Liangite Civil War, Shared Juristiction with The Ctan).


19 December 29,865 BCE, founding

National Holiday

19 December, Founding Day

Legal System

  • Verdicts based on preponderance of the evidence; no presumption of either guilt or innocence.
  • Trials by tribunal of judges - three in most cases, seven on the Supreme Court.
  • Similar in many ways to English-style common law, but several differences also.
  • Does not recognize jurisdiction of either the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice.


18 years of age for humans and 50 for Elves; universal. No political parties; order-of-preference ballot.

Executive Branch

  • Head of State: Elentári Sirithil nos FËANOR; note: Elentári is both the Head of State and Head of Government
  • Head of Government: Elentári Sirithil nos FËANOR; note: Elentári is both the Head of State and Head of Government
  • Cabinet: High Council appointed by Elentári as needed. Usually made up of nobles, though some exceptions exist. Each member of the Synod is a Prefect, heading up a particular Prefecture, or department, of the government; some Prefects-without-portfolio exist.

Elections: No elections for executive branch.

Legislative Branch

Unicameral advisory Conclave of Equals consists half of the ruling nobles of each House, and the other half of elected representatives with five-year terms. Elections: Annual, five-sector, rotating basis. No political parties; elections conducted by district on order-of-preference ballots.

Judicial Branch

Imperial Court (twenty-one justices appointed by Elentári, seven selected at random for each case), Appellate Courts, High Courts, District Courts. The word of the Elentári herself is the final court of appeal.

International Organisations

International Organisation Participation

AU; EAA; FAO; IAEA; IBRD; IBTA; ICAO; ICC; IFC; IFRCS/ICRM; IHO; IMF; IMO; IOC; IOM; ISO; ITU; OAS; OECD; OPCW; OPEC; SATO; Interpol; ToY; UE; UN note – voting member and regional delegate, tends to ignore resolutions anyway; UNESCO; UNIDO; UPU; UTP; VERITAS; WBO; WHO; WIPO; WMO; WTO; ZC (OOC: A lot of these are RL organizations, which may or may not have relevance to NS.)

Environmental Agreement Participation:

Air Pollution, Antarctic Treaty, Biodiversity, Desertification, Endangered Species, Environmental Modification, Hazardous Wastes, Marine Dumping, Marine Life Conservation, Nuclear Test Ban, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Tropical Timber 83, Tropical Timber 94, Wetlands, Whaling (OOC: All RL treaties, may or may not have relevance to NS.)


Economic Overview: Menelmacar's economy is among the world's largest and most technologically advanced. The free-market capitalist Menelmacari economy grants firms and individuals impressive flexibility in all areas of operation, and innovative laws such as the Trade Reform Act permit Menelmacar to ensure fairness in international trade while avoiding a protectionist stance. Military industries are strong due to the demand presented by the MIDF, and information technology, book publishing, and all manner of consumer goods are in heavy demand both at home and around the world, as shown by relative lack of negative effect from the breakoff of relations with EOTED.

Strengths of the Menelmacari economy include its remarkable trade surplus; the use of the Menelmacari Credit as an international trade currency by many leading nations; the security of its financial institutions and data networks, as necessitated by economic aggression by CACE; general self-sufficiency in terms of natural resources; extraordinary distribution capabilities despite the far-flung nature of the empire; excellent working relationships between government and industry; millennia of experience with capitalism, meaning greater stability; and an industrious and investment-savvy population.

Long term problems include the increasing development of a two-tier labor market divided among elven/human lines; the fight against inflation due to large money supply; the cost of territorial expansion; and the struggle to retain technological supremacy in the world market.

GDP: purchasing power parity - $282,865,000,000,000 USD (M€46,206,000,000,000)

GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity - $51,340 USD (M€20,536)

Population Below Poverty Line: N.A., Government administered private-funded welfare system.

Unemployment Rate: 3.4%

Inflation Rate: 3.6%

Labor Force: 5,250,000,000 (includes unemployed)

Industries: A leading industrial power in the world, highly diversified and technologically advanced; optronics, energy, arms, aerospace, vehicles, steel, chemicals, telecommunications, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining

Electricity - Production: 2.98 x 10^22 J (8.2283 quadrillion kWh)

Electricity - Consumption: 2.88 x 10^22 J (8.0047 quadrillion kWh)

Electricity - Production by Source:

  • Fusion: 99%
  • Hydroelectric: relatively negligible
  • Geothermal: relatively negligible
  • Other: relatively negligible

Currency: Menelmacari Credit

Currency Code: MC

Fiscal Year: 7 April - 6 April


General assessment: a massive, technologically advanced, multipurpose communications system. Domestic: a large optronics-based system of fiber-optic cable and domestic satellites carries every form of telephone traffic; extensive, nearly-bottomless bandwidth carries very-high-speed multimedia to every home; cellular system carries mobile telephone traffic throughout the country; quantum-entanglement communications used for interplanetary transmission. International: 284 optronic fiber-optic ocean cable systems in use; vast network of several hundred advanced satellites also in use.

Holovision Stations: Over 100,000, roughly half of which are associated with four major holonets (ISN, MBC, QBS, ELF)

Internet Country Code: .em (Menelmacar-specific top level domains also include .elf, .midf, .enem)

Internet Penetration: 100%

Internet Service Providers: ~500,000


Ports and Harbors: (Menelmacar proper only) Armenelos, Arnediad Lonnath, Caras Aeglos, Brithombar, Caras Anor, Caras Glawar, Caras Ithil, Celebarad, Crisslond, Edhilond, Emyn Norui, Eressëa, Ezellohar, Faelfalas, Forlond, Harlond, Lauregroth, Lithfalas, Meriliaun, Minas Limgûl, Ninniach, Nûrgroth, Osgiliath, Ost-in-Alfírin, Pelargir, Silharthad, Silivren, Sirasgar, Taur Lalvenath, Vinyalqualondë, Vinyahimring, Vinyatirion, Vinyondolindë

Merchant Marine: 4,382 ships (1000 GT or over) Ships by type: gravitic multipurpose heavy freighter 1,793; deep-space resource harvester 1,000; gravitic multipurpose superheavy freighter 625; gravitic multipurpose tanker 381; gravitic petroleum tanker 293; deep-space resource controller 100; gravitic vehicle carrier 98; gravitic submersible salvage 37; gravitic refrigerated cargo 29; deep-space research cruiser 25 (attached to merchant marine but reports to Prefecture of Science); exploration command vessel 1 (attached to merchant marine but reports to Prefecture of Science).

Airports: (total, Menelmacar proper only) 39,284, all with facilities for gravships.


Military Budget: pegged at 5% of GDP

Military Branches: Menelmacari Imperial Defense Force - unified force. Divided largely into more or less self-sufficient battle groups. Additional Field Armies and transport capacity, and some specialized warships, can be drawn from the Central Pool. Menelmacari government also operates a coast guard, and reserve forces, and an extensive merchant marine.

Military Manpower:

  • Age: humans 18 years of age, elves 50 years of age
  • Active Military Personnel: ~6,000,000 (male and female)
  • Available Military Personnel: ~5,250,000,000 (male and female, able-bodied and of military age)
  • Military Trained Manpower: ~5,250,000,000 (male and female, 2005 estimate; compulsory basic combat training with sword, firearm, and bow, with elective advanced training)

Transnational Issues:

Disputes - International: Menelmacar inherited all border disputes from protectorate countries; Menelmacar has made no territorial claim in Antarctica (but has reserved the right to do so) and does not recognize the claims of any other state; territorial status of Dawn Wastes undetermined; Menelmacar resists the Californian Sovereign Democratic-Socialist Federation's expansionistic tendencies; Menelmacari claim to Emirates protectorate disputed by several local nations; Menelmcari claim to Kasaï and Katanga regions of Congolese protectorate disputed by Warlordia.

Illicit Drugs: Financial network security makes Menelmacar an attractive money-laundering center; disputes over smuggling have strained relations in the past with Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss.