Metis Liberation Front Civil War

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The Metis Civil War was a short civil war that took place primarily within the confines of Metis in Aberdeen. It eventually had a vast impact on many events including the departure of the Forgotten Territories, the self-imposed exile of the Forgottenlord-Angel Family and the eventual Angel of Light Operation which brought an effective end to the Nolak Clans. Aside from the main combatants, related operations were taken by the Forgotten Territories and Mittsville forces.

The Civil War was roleplayed on Aberdeen forums

Metis Liberation Front Civil War Summary
Date: 2005
Locations: Metis Liberation Front
Casualties (approx.)
Military: 300+ dead
Civilian: 17,000+ dead
Total: dead
Main Participants
Metis Alliance Rebels
Dancing Bananland

Coalition of Freedom Fighters

Early Riots

Citizens of Metis rioted in Muddy Waters at the adoption of the UNAD by the Metis

Hekloslogravian Aid

General Le Petit of MLF asked President Jacob Clawston of Hekloslogravia for assisstance just as the revolt was beggining. Clawston sent the HWS Falcon, HWS Hawk, the HWS Mittsville, and their respective support groups to help keep order.

Formation of the Coalition of Freedom Fighters

Jacques Dumont led the CFF which was formed on 6 June, 2005. The CFF quickly set up road blocks, and laid siege to at least one hospital.

Hekloslogravian Landings

On the 6th of June, Hekloslogravian Marines from the battleship HWS Mittsville landed in MLF, encountering fierce resistance from CFF forces.

Sinking of the HWS Mittsville

On 8 June, a midget submarine attached itself to the bottom of the HWS Mittsville and detonated, killing both the single crewmember on the submarine and most abord the Battleship. While the identity of the attacker has never been confirmed, it is suspected that a Mittsville citizen was responsible, acting in response to the Mittsvillian Embassy Crisis. No group or nation has ever claimed responsibility.

Metis Nuclear Reactors

As the offer for assistance was given to O-Peh, he responded by expressing concern about CFF forces gaining hold of Nuclear Reactors. However, the details of the message lead many nations, including both the Forgotten Territories and Dancing Bananland, to suspect that there were nuclear weapons as well at the location. Both nations quickly deployed forces, shortly followed by Hekloslogravia which was responding to moves by the Forgotten Territories. It is considered possible by some Forgotten Territories analysts, that if the forces of Forgotten Territories and Hekloslogravia had run into each other, it would have sparked a intra-regional war.

Evacuation of O-Peh

Both Hekloslogravia, and Dancing Banana Land both sent teams to evacuate the government of Metis. Unfortunately, CFF forces infuletrated the bunker under the Riel House, and arrested O-Peh.

Nuclear Strike

With the overthrow of the government, the order was given to fire the entire nuclear arsenal. The order to launch had been intercepted by multiple nations and the translation of the coded statement was quickly broadcasted by the Forgotten Territories. By some accounts, Kane Angel bypassed the Forgotten Territories' chain of command and ordered a scramble of all their military forces without authorization.

Bruno Bannock, who was in charge of the facility, complied with his orders but quickly found himself unable to shoulder the responsibility for launching. It is known that the Dancing Bananland team had already successfully entered the facility and the Forgotten Territories team was at the surface when the nukes were launched.

The nukes were arranged to fire along the latitudal center of Aberdeen, striking towards the North, middle and south of TEN Island. While this pattern was generally followed, the paths had been altered to pick the most prominent target within that region - settling on the capitals of Imperfectia, Dundee East and Forgottenlands.

The nuke targetting Dundee East disintigrated shortly after launch. No official has ever been able to give an explanation but many conspiracy theorists have suggested the psychic powers of Sayt citizens may have been employed to, as one, dismantle the warhead.

The Imperfectian nuke was destroyed by a fighter-based missile launched by Captain Jimmy Carvell of Angel Fire. He was the 21st pilot to shoot at the nuke and the only one that would register a kill that day.

In an ironic twist, it was the capital of the nation that had both warned everyone of the impending attack, had taken out the northern nuke and one of two nations that had been trying to disable the warheads before they were launched that was deemed the most likely to be hit. As the southern warhead streaked over Angel Bay, it had already passed through all the defensive perimeters of the largest military in Aberdeen. It was only by a stroke of luck that an induced power failure disabled the targetting system, shutting down the warhead's core and leaving the missile to fall, slowly, to the ground. However, the dud would still cause heavy damage in the highly urbanized city.


No official numbers have ever been given regarding the losses of the civil war. However, with its government overthrown, Metis would withdraw from Aberdeen and disappear into the shards of history.

The nuclear strikes resulted in approximately 17 000 deaths. Debris from the Imperfectian and Dundee East warheads did mostly environmental damage, but the numerous collapsed towers in Forgotten City were the source of nearly all the deaths. All members of the Dancing Bananland and Forgotten Territories strike teams returned unharmed.

Hekloslogravia also suffered a large blow in the lose of the HWS Mittsville.

Arguably the most important impact was in the form of the Angel of Light Operation which effectively ended the Nolak Clans' threat to Aberdeen and resulted in the departure of the Forgotten Territories and the self-imposed exile of her leaders as the nuclear material was acquired from the warhead that landed in Forgotten City.