Michalis Mitrofanis

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Michalis Mitrofanis
Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Hecia
Position Striker
Caps 31
Goals 10
U21 Caps 6
U21 Goals 3
Clubs played for Hecia, Everton City Reds, Phraen Palace, FC Hyprocrium
Teams managed None
U21WC14-Winner AOCAF 7 & 8 Winner

At an early point in his career, Michalis Mitrofanis already had two AOCAF Winner's medals under his belt, including 5 goals in AOCAF8 - the highest scoring member of the Starblaydi side - in a highly-successful club-and-country partnership with veteran Illias Provatidis.

During World Cup 23, Michalis developed - with the 'help' of the Starblaydi media - a rivalry with Florencio Zaragoza over who was the better striker. Though Mitrofanis had the experience and winners' medals on the international stage, Zaragoza was the one with the Liga Starblaydia goal-scoring records. Michalis soon left his home town club of Hecia for better things, however, as he failed to sparkle at Hecia without the presence of Provatidis. The team from Krytenia's capital, Everton City, came in for him with a $12Million bid, which he and Hecia quickly accepted. He has settled well at the Davis Memorial Stadium, netting eighteen goals in his first season and engendering a partnership with Phillip Neasden.

In the autumn of his career, Michalis was transferred back to Starblaydia and to Phraen Palace of Liga Omega, then quickly onto Hypocria to finish his career with FC Hyprocrium. He even still managed to get into the Starblaydi side for AOCAF 11 at the grand old age of 34.

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