Midlonian Uranium War

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The Midlonian Uranium War took place early in Midlonia's history when a seam of U-238 was found in a prospecting mission to the Snowdon range in the very centre of the nation. Mining quickly commenced and the unenriched ore was soon placed “for sale” on the International Market.

After around one week of slow sales, the nations of Archaic-Slang Words and The Oppressor, alarmed by the young state’s obvious lack of morals in its method of raising hard currency, delivered an ultimatum: stop the selling of uranium, or we shall be forced to shut the operations down by any means possible. Diplomacy was obviously not a strong point, nor a high priority of these two nations. The Imperial Archive shows that a few days later, after a response that can be summed up as “no” , a fleet of some forty war ships had arrived with the tiny Empire’s entire naval forces consisting of just six battleships, fourteen destroyers and a single aircraft carrier. Things did not look rosy for Midlonia.

After the brief naval battle, and subsequent scuttling of the Redemption as well as the prolonged bombardment of the port-city, the Empire finally sued for peace and promised not to continue its mining operations, as long as the two nations involved did not continue their attack. The nations agreed, and the subsequent withdrawal of naval forces duly followed. Nine months later, mining operations in the Snowdon Mountains started again and neither Archaic Slang Words, nor The Oppressor, nor any nation in the International community stepped forward to stop the mining operations.

In its entire history, this is the only time the Greater Empire has ever come under attack on the home soil, any other time the nation has been on the offensive, or off of its own coast, in international waters.

The Uranium War was the players first “serious” RP, which he considered a very nice introduction to the Nationstates World and it helped to form Midlonia. The thread no longer exists.