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Forum: none
Population: 1 nation
Delegate: none
Founder: The Milesian Technate
Info: NSEconomy RC XML


Milesia was the original incarnation of The Milesian Technate. A veteran nation which had always enjoyed superb civil and political rights, though at the expense of social equality. The government did, however, occasionally interfere in the economy to prevent excessive poverty. She was a founding member of the Coalition of Federated Nations (CFN), a member of both the WBO and SATO for a time, a onetime Meritocratic Senator (rising to the rank of Praetor) before leaving The Meritocracy to pursue an anti-capitalist economic paradigm, which helped bring the state of Milesia to a close through a bloodless revolution and the Proclamation of the Technate and ending with the creation of The Milesian Technate.


Home of The Milesian Technate, a country which spans both major islands and all the islands off their coasts.