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Stoklomolvi Imperial Guard

The Stoklomolvi Imperial Guardsmen, or SIG, make up the bulk of the Stoklomolvi Imperial Military. They consist of all foot soldiers; all infantry and all vehicles. There are separate divisions within the Stoklomolvi Imperial Guard: Infantry, Mechanised Infantry, Infantry Support, Artillery Support, Special Forces, Armour, and Logistics. All citizens living in Stoklomolvi are required to serve at least two years in the military. Though payment is not high for soldiers, their pay is what they get; they do not pay for any needs, since the government supplies soldiers with any completely important needs they have.

Ground Forces
Total Army Size: 8,620,000
Total Army Field Personnel 7,152,590
Unlisted Army Personnel 1,467,410
Army Composition
Infantry 3,621,040
Mechanised Infantry 1,152,005
Infantry Support 912,400
Artillery Support 982,000
Special Forces 330,762
Armour 1,214,980
Logistics 406,813
Special Forces Composition
Espionage 20,720
Snipers 137,120
Recon 48,922
Other 124,000
Structure of Infantry
Regions 44
Divisions 434
Brigades 865
Regiments 4,310
Companies 26,120

Army Structure:

Unit Personnel Composition Commanding Officer
Region 200,000 10 Divisions, HQ General
Division 20,000 2 Brigades, HQ Lieutenant General
Brigade 10,000 2-3 Regiments, HQ Major General
Regiment 4,200 3-4 Battalions Brigadier General
Battalion 1,200 4-5 Companies Colonel
Company 350 3-4 Platoons, HQ Lieutenant Colonel
Platoon 100 10 Squads Captain
Squad 10 5 Fire Teams Lieutenant
Fire Team 5 5 Soldiers Squad Leader

Standard Weapons:
Standard Infantry Rifle: Avtomat Kalashnikova 2134 [AK-2130] Assault Rifle, Avtomat Kalashnikova 2134 [AK-2134] Assault Rifle
Standard Sidearm: M10 .45 Calibre Pistol
Standard Crew Weapon: Type 5 Stoklomolvi SMG, Type 7 Compact Stoklomolvi SMG
Standard SAW: MG4 Heavy Machine Gun, MG5 Heavy Machine Gun
Standard Reserve Rifle: Avtomat Kalashnikova 2134A3 [AK-2134A3] Bolt-action Rifle

Division Types
The Stoklomolvi Imperial Guard is divided into several types of sivisions, listed below:

  • Infantry
  • Mechanised Infantry
  • Infantry Support
  • Artillery Support
  • Special Forces
  • Armour
  • Logistics

Infantry Division
20,000 to a division. Transported via trucks and transport vehicles. Escorted by 280 SIG-42 mobile SAM launchers, 220 180mm Howitzers, 4,850 portable mortars, an assortment of other artillery and transports.

Mechanised Infantry Division
20,000 to a division. Transported via 2,000 Type 151 Armoured Personnel Carriers, 400 Type 152 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 375 SIG-42 mobile SAM launchers. Assortment of other vehicles.

Infantry Support Division
20,000 to a division. Assortment of engineering and construction equipment. Assortment of medical and propaganda equpment. Light armored transport vehicles and small, less bulky arms. Usually teamed up with an Infantry Division if in a combat zone.

Artillery Support Division
15,000 to a division. 800 240mm Howitzers, 650 120mm AT Missile Launchers, 48 180mm AT Missile Launchers, 1 600mm Howitzer platform, 1 900mm Howitzer platform. Assortment of infantry support.

Special Forces Division
10,000 to a division. Transported via TU-445 HALO-drop planes.

Armour Division
20,000 to a division. 14,000 Type 125 Main Battle Tanks, 1,000 Type 151 Armoured Personnel Carriers, 2,000 Type 152 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 3,000 Type 122 Main Battle Tanks, 750 SIG-42 mobile SAM launchers, 250 Hover MLRS.

Logistics Division
1,000 to a division. 950 SVMC (Stoklomolvi Vehicle Management Corporation) supply trucks, 50 TU-443 supply planes.

Stoklomolvi Imperial Interceptors

The Stoklomolvi Imperial Interceptors, or the SII, contain numerous aircraft, a low number of pilots and a low number of service crew. This is because although Stoklomolvi does not focus on its airforce, it does research about aircraft. Hence, all aircraft have been equipped with an AI, and this controls the aircraft for all flights. The pilots are for manually controlling the aircraft if the need comes and for monitoring weaponry. The service crews repair the aircraft, since aircraft cannot repair themselves. The well-trained Stoklomolvi Imperial Interceptor pilots are highly valued by the government; as such, all pilots are marked in the Stoklomolvi government records.

Aerial Forces
Total Airforce size 282,500
Total Airforce Field Personnel 282,500
Unlisted Airforce Personnel 0
Airforce Composition
Airforce Pilots 190,000
Aircraft 190,000
Aircraft Support 2,500

Stoklomolvi Imperial Navy

Having focused on the navy for over two thousand years, Stoklomolvi has a small number of sailors but a large number of ships. The Stoklomolvi Imperial Navy is one of the finest navies in the region, and is usually abbreviated to just NAVY instead of SIN, which can be considered mildly offensive to some. Most ships have a form of AI, and the sailors are there primarily for maintenance. All ships have one captain, and it is this captain that navigates the ship by telling the AI where he needs to go and what needs to be done. All cannons on board are controlled by the AI, though each cannon may be operated manually if the ship is struck by EMP. Ships that do not have AI capabilities only include civilian ships.

Naval Forces
Total Navy size 825,800
Total Naval Field Personnel 808,560
Unlisted Naval Personnel 17,240
Naval Composition
Crewmen 750,380
Captains 21,420
Naval Aircraft Pilots 25,600
Aircraft Support 24,400
  • 12,000 Stoklomolvi Class Cruisers
  • 200 Battleships (180 Stoklomolvi Class Dreadnoughts, 20 Stoklomolvi Class Super-Dreadnoughts)
  • 280 Stoklomolvi Class Aircraft Carriers
  • 1,300 Stoklomolvi Class Destroyers
  • 2,500 Stoklomolvi Class Torpedo Boats
  • 1,800 Stoklomolvi Class Attack Submarines
  • 750 Stoklomolvi Class Nuclear Submarines
  • 1,950 Stoklomolvi Class Container Ships
Fleet Names
STK-9 STK-10 STK-11 STK-12
STK-13 STK-14 STK-15 STK-16
STK-17 STK-18 STK-19 STK-20
STK-21 STK-22 STK-23 STK-24
STK-25 STK-26 STK-27 STK-28
STK-29 STK-30 STK-31 STK-32
STK-33 STK-34 STK-35 STK-36
STK-37 STK-38 STK-39 STK-40

Ships in the Stoklomolvi Imperial Navy are designated with a marking that says SINC, which stands for Stoklomolvi Imperial Navy Cruiser. Civilian ships are designated with a marking that says SCDC, which stands for Stoklomolvi Civilian Designated Cruiser. All ships have one or the other.

Stoklomolvi Imperial Air Defence

Stoklomolvi is defended from enemy missiles and air attacks by the Stoklomolvi Imperial Air Defence force, which is usually abbreviated to SAA. The defence consists primarily of the reserve, and the reserve forces are essentially employed by the military. The highest rank in the Stoklomolvi Imperial Air Defence force is the rank of colonel, which is quite low when compared to the other branches.

Stoklomolvi Imperial Air Defence
Total Reserve forces 5,150,800
Total Air Defence Field Personnel 1,750,000
Unlisted Air Defence Field Personnel 150,000
Army Composition
Weapons Officers (Weapons Teams) 1,550,000
Engineers 160,000
Weapons Specialists 60,000
Communications Officers 150,000

Stoklomolvi Imperial Weapons Specialists

The complex weapons in Stoklomolvi, such as nuclear missiles and thermonuclear warheads, are monitored and controlled by the Stoklomolvi Imperial Weapons Specialists, commonly abbreviated to SIWS. All of the weaponry controlled by them are monitored by them specifically; Stoklomolvi has advanced enough to allow for methods of identification far greater than just inputting passwords and codes to access weapons. The yields of all nuclear and thermonuclear warheads are classified; however, the number of them is not.

Stoklomolvi Imperial Weapons Specialists
Total Reserve forces 5,150,800
Total Weapons Specialists 105,800
Weapons Composition
Nuclear Missiles 4,500
Nuclear Bombs 1,200
Thermonuclear Missiles 300
Anti-missile Defence Systems 12,000,000

Stoklomolvi Military Police Force

Stoklomolvi is protected by a police force dubbed the Stoklomolvi Military Police Force, commonly abbreviated to the SMPF. Unlike normal police forces, this police force is quite heavily armed and are instructed to shoot criminals on sight. They are equipped with basic infantry equipment, but they wear grey uniforms with grey combination caps. The SMPF are highly disciplined, though most are brainwashed to minimise possibilities of rebellion, and will follow the Commissar's whim to the grave.

Stoklomolvi Military Police Force
Total employed civilians 97,850,000

Weapons used by the SMPF vary from situation to situation, and as such will not be listed here. However, a list of all weapons used by Stoklomolvi is given in the small reference box below.

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