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Flag of Miokalia
Motto: Reject All Icons
Region Furry Federation
Capital Zye City
Official Language(s) Kohtohkhan Raptoric, Draconic English, Malych Binary
Leader President Halderyyt Phong
Population 228 million
Currency Karat (kt) 
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Originally a collection of Dincotian Dinosauroids, Draconids, Malych and human colonies, Miokalia officially became established as a protectorate of the Empire of Malychis in 1960 (2152 on the Malych calendar). It was granted complete independence over the next 10 years. Miokalia is a very socially progressive nation of over 110 million. Most of which is reptillian, with a human minority (10%) and a mammalian minority (5%). Once a colony belonging to the Empire of Malychis, the nation is now independent however a large portion of Miokalia's military spending still comes from Malychis. Miokalia has an unusually homogenous standard of living as a result of strictly subsidized housing, low home ownership and rigid rent controls. The population is very well educated and upholds the liberal traditions of their parent nations.

 National Anthem: "Dosh Plaori Tsivetras"
 National Flower:  Eledorian Coquelicot
 National Tree:  Dincotian Blue Mesquite
 Naval Prefix:  MCS
 Tech Level:  Alternate Tech

Major Cities

 Zye City
 Atrias (NCR)
 Rohomeo (NCR)


Population densities per type:

 Urban: 52.2 Persons/sq mile
 Rural: .2 Persons/sq mile

Natural Resources
Thorium, Coal, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Fish, Uranium, Geothermal Hot-Spots, Nickel, Lead

Resource Usage Specifics:

 Coal: 98% carbon structural products, chemical products. 2% Fuel
 Uranium: 78% light fissionable fuel production, 22% Fuel
 Thorium: 100% light fissionable fuel production
 Fish: 53% from in-ocean cage farms, 40% inland farm-raised, 7% wild caught

Environmental Issues
Deforestation from large-scale wild-fires in north has expanded the desert substantially over the last 200 years.

For public health reasons, thick forest in northern tip was leveled. Thus resulting in the complete loss of many species.

Environmental Policy Highlights
-Miokalia derives almost all of it's energy from renewable sources like wind, tidal and geothermal power.
-Preservation policy is very unusual: "If it poses a threat to our safety: it must go" policy has resulted in extensive deforestation and reduction in biodiversity.

Climate The climate has been substantially altered by heat-pollution, water-vapor pollution and deforestation. Causing the nation to have it's own localized 'local area warming'. This has dramatically altered the ecosystems, combined with the plant and animal life brought into the nation by the Dincotians, the biodiversity has sharply dropped. The climate ranges from desert to mediterranean, although the nation is at mild-to-cold lattitude because of the effects of the water vapor, heat pollution and modified ecosystems.

Although this may seem as a bad thing at first, it has actually made the area more inhabitable for more people in a healthy way. The reduction of biodiversity has been most noticible in insect life, with the sudden introduction of a large number of small reptiles and amphibians. As far as the people are concerned, this isn't that great of a loss.


Population 228 Million (for forum RP)

Birth Rate
Humans: +0.01%
Dinosaurians: +0.015%
Draconids: +0.001%
Malych: N/A (varies)

Death Rate 1.2 per 1000 people

Migration Rate 19.8 per 1000 people

Immigration(+)/Emmigration(-) Rates

 Dinosaurians: +9,000/year
 Humans: +500/year
 Draconids: +/- 0
 Malych: +/- 0
 Felines: +1,500
 Other Mammals: -80/year

Infant Mortality Rate .02 deaths per 1000 live births
(Because of physiological reasons, Malych have an infant mortality rate of exactly 0)

Life Expectancy
Male: 205 / Female: 205
Male: 251 / Female: 262
Male: 168 / Female: 177
All Genders: 285

Ethnic Composition (in order of dominance)

 40% Dinosaurian Theropods - (Raptors, Allosaurs, Daspletosaurs)
 30% Malych - (Mechanical Raptors, Allosaurs, Daspletosaurs, Dragons)
 8% Draconids - (Dragons)
 7% Humans
 9% Felines - (Cats, Lions, Tigers)
 3% Vulpines - (Foxes)
 2% Canines - (Wolves, Dogs)

Atheism/Agnosticism: 70%
Animism/Paganism: 20%
Eledorian Catholicism: 1%
Buddhism: 7%
Other: 1%

(% of population that speaks the language: (population can speak more than one))
Kohtohkhan Raptoric: 90%
Draconic English (English): 95%
Malych Binary: 30%
Niyapo: 52%
Druatch: 5%
Illsyndran: 3%

Literacy 99% (average of all groups)


Terminal Illness


 People living with HIV/AIDS: less than 50
 Prevalence Rate: 0%
 Related Deaths: 0


 People living with terminal cancer: 240
 Cancer Survival/Successful Treatment Rate: 98%
 Related Deaths: 62
 Most Common form: Lung Cancer caused by smoking



 185,000 (Voluntary)
 8% Dincotian
 2% Human
 4% Draconid
 86% Malych


Miokalian Military Equipment


 Supreme Protectorate Commander: Doroy blinn (Malych Mech Raptor)
 Alpha Commander of the Army: Tuo Diantas (Allosaur)
 Alpha Commander of the Navy: Kiakie Ceratch (Dragon)
 Alpha Commander of the Marines: Lutoth Schosh (Dragon)
 Miokalian Protectorate Commander of DASF: Nardan Flahadal (Dragon)

Military Treaties

 DASF- Draconid Air & Space Forces (Alliance of Draconid Planets)
 Northern Coninental Republic Army
 Eledorian Mercenary Registry and Commission

Economic Overview


 AVG income per capita: 46,034 USD
 Unemployment Rate: 2.57%
 State poverty line: (income) < 15,000 USD

Reletive cost of living:

 Rent: Below Average
 Foodstuffs: Average
 Residential electrical utilities: Far Below Average
 Residential heating service utils.: Below Average
 Personal Transportation: Below Average
 Public Transportation: Average
 Medical Expenses: Very Far Below Average
 Education: Open/Free
 Estate Management: Astronomical

Economic Model:

 "Bitchun" or Transitional Whuffie system (Post Scarcity / Open Academic Technocracy)

Government Regulation Model:

 Selective Socialism

Miokalia is home to a monsterously powerful energy regulation bureaucracy and capital regulation system. These entities exist for the sole purpose of giving the federal government a lot of control over the nation's economy. The federal government has adopted a policy of "Selective Free Trade" which is actually not free trade at all. Giving some industries the rights to import and export without tariffs while imposing steep tariffs on others. The goal of this bureaucracy is to cut speculation out of the business completely, by making sure that sacrificing the whole economy for one industry is as not profitable as possible. This means energy, in particular, is tightly regulated to prevent price escalation which could hurt all other businesses while making very few very rich.

Furry Federation - Major Trade Partners

 Union of Tinis
 Killer Zoids
 Kingdoms of Cal
 Machine Dominion of Erenmor

Alliance of Draconid Planets - Trade Partners (outside of Federation)

 Empire of Malychis (parent nation, ally)
 Kohtohkhan Republic of Dincota (parent nation, ally)
 The Draconid Empire of Daeron (economic union ally)

Major Exports:

-Energy Products (Electrolytic Hydrogen Fuel, Ammonium, Electricity)

-Automotive Products (Hasegawe Motor Company, Bunj Motor Transportation Company)

-Arms and Defense Manufacturing and Development (General Xenotek Company, MacGunigale, Daecheyron Aerospace)

-Prefabricated Housing Modules (Kohdat Modular, Qubikon Sustainible Housing)

-Urban Agricultural Systems (Growth Vertical Farms Company)

Miokalia has implemented wide-scale legal reform in order to make that business (the "legal industry") less profitable. A move which actually benefits the rest of the economy and will reduce costs for all businesses substantially, particularly in the areas of media and data services. The legal reform measure will put limits on the profitability of the legal industry. In effect, forming a new tax schedule for that industry which sharply increases at a lower rate of profit to deter the firms from charging as much for their services, and to reduce the amount companies spend on legal services. Several measures have already been enacted as part of this larger legal reform movement: One has put a ban on legal advertising on television. Substantially reducing the profitability of 'ambulance chasing'. Another has reduced the cost payed out by legal firms and companies to the national court system, to make it operate slower, and thus, less profitably. Encouraging companies to make settlments rather than expensive court procedures. Legal reform has had such a large impact on the economic environment of Miokalia, it has actually made the typically socialist state more attractive to certain companies, because sometimes the cost recouped from lower legal costs actually outweighs the increased amount of taxes, making Miokalia one of the most profitable economic environments for some businesses that provide high-paying jobs. This radical legal reform has only come about as a result of the shift from conventional partisan politics to a technocracy where the public expects their leaders to know the technicalities of what they are in charge of. This has allowed for the election of better-educated, more proletarian leadership which has not been afraid to address graft in the legal industry which has lost it's monopoly on government representation.

Energy Statistics

Energy Production

 Electricity Production: 1.002 Trillion kWh
 Oil Production: 2,053 Bbl/day
 Natural Gas Production: 0
 Hydrogen/Ammonium Production (Tdarocel): 15,002,235 Bbl/day

Energy Consumption

 Electricity Consumption: 722 Billion kWh
 Oil Comsumption: 1,982 Bbl/day
 Natural Gas Consumption: 0
 Hydrogen/Ammonium Consumption (Tdarocel): 4,218,900 Bbl/day

Energy Exports

 Electricity Exports: 100 Billion kWh
 Oil Exports: 0
 Natural Gas Exports: 0
 Hydrogen/Ammonium Exports (Tdarocel): 10,100,320 Bbl/day


Telecom system, general assesment:

 Perfect domestic service, excellent international service.
 Domestic mobile GSM service is very efficient and has very low maintainence cost.
 Older DRC24 landline systems are still capable of handing more bandwidth than 
 standard twisted-pair telephone standards and therefore, haven't needed to be 
 upgraded. Malych RHZ standard provides nearly ubiquitous, long-range wireless 
 broadband at upwards of 10 megabit speeds.

Internet TLD

 .mok & .mrz

Cellular Phones

 228 million units

Internet Users

 230 million (estimate) users

Television Stations

 260 stations (cable)
 18 stations (broadcast)

Radio Stations

 184 FM 
 128 AM 
 122 Short-wave


Measurments System International Metric


 24 hour standard.
 Malych Calendar (Christian Calendar +192 years IE: 2006=2198 )

Telephone & Cable

 DRC24 24-pin socket for Digital Telephone/Teletype and Multi-channel modem
 RJ11 2-pin twisted-pair for analog telephone
 75-Ohm Coaxial cable for television and data

Electrical Standards

 Residential 110-volt DC
 Residential Appliance 220-volt DC
 Industrial 330-volt AC
 Transmission 5000-volt AC (3-phase)

Television Standards

 TV standard: NTSC
 Watershed: After 9 PM


Social Culture By Phenotype

 Dwelling style: High Density Urban
 Attitudes: Neophillic Secular Moralists
 Dominant Family Structure: Urban Tribes
 Dwelling style: Country Estates/Suburban
 Attitudes: Isolationist, Prevalent Mysticism
 Dominant Family Structure: Extended Family/Pack
 Dwelling style: Urban to Rural
 Attitudes: Apathetic towards other species.
 Dominant Family Structure: Centralized Family

Popular culture

 Music genres by popularity:
 -Electro/Electronic Hip-Hop Pop
 -Punk Rock
 Television formats by popularity:
 -Action Drama
 -Sci-Fi Drama
 Movie Industry:
 Major studio locations: Hokyldaryon, Rohomeo, Holyoke/Tirzah
 Most sucessful genres:
 -Sci-Fi Drama
 -Action Drama
 Most Viewed Televised Sports:
 -Organized Mech-Inf matches (in north)
 -Rally motorsports

National Holidays

 Hokyldaryon Independence Day (November 3rd)
 Northern Continental Republic Independence Day (August 1st)
 ZG-day (August 12th)
 Dincotian Secular Winter Holiday or "Dinosaur Christmas" (December 20th)
 Sapient-Rights Recognition day (April 4th)


Northern Continental Republic




Hokyldaryon District

Zye Federal District



 Halderyyt Phong
 (proceded by Li Kohastar)

Secretary of State

 Hiyke Andertol


The consitution of Miokalia has an section of inherent rights, which cannot be changed by any government body, they were suggested by the Malych Premier and revised by the government of Dincota, the two parent nations of Miokalia. This bill of rights is compact and guarantees citizens to "basic sapient rights":

 1. Freedom of Religion, Expression and the Press.
 2. Right to a Health and Education
 3. Right to choose representation on a Frequent Basis
  (Frequent Elections for all branches of government)
 4. Right to do with one's body as they please, as long
  as it does not inherently bring harm to others.
 5. Right to marry and create families according to one's
  personal conscience. 
 (protection of same-sex and interspecies marriage)
 6. Right to fair trial and appeal

The Dincotian government then added a few more amendments:

 7. Right to privacy. All searches must be conducted with a warrant,
 except by the military.
 8. Right to fair sentencing. No excessive punishments for petty 
 and not-excessively violent crimes.
 9. No cruel or unusual punishment. Capital punishment (the death penalty)
 is to be reserved only for unusually heinous crimes where the defendant 
 is guilty beyond the shadow of all doubt.
 10. Right to legal compensation. Those that are imprisoned wrongfully 
 will be reimbursed substantially for all property and earnings lost or
 compromised as a result of their imprisonment.
 This will be paid for out of the funding of the agency or department 
 responsible for their wrongful prosecution.
 (To prevent sloppy or non-scientific investigations and to prevent ineffective justice.)

Added a year later were the "Rights of Resident Humans":

 11. Humans are to treat other sapients as equals, 
 as Humans must be treated as equal to sapients.
 12. There shall be no law to make Humans second-class citizens.
 13. Humans are not to be taxed unfairly because of species,
 nor restricted from running for offices of government
 14. Humans are considered sapient and therefore the 
 'basic sapient rights' apply to them as well.

In the last 20 years, in lieu of security concerns and civil rights issues, this amendment was added:

 15. All transportation systems capable of being used as a 
 terrorist weapon or staging location for an act of terrorism 
 will be monitored by armed personell.
 -A. These personell must be provided from the MRZF Army, and 
 under no circumstances should private security personell be substituted.
 -B. These personell must [i]NOT[/i] be held to quotas for reporting
 suspicious activities. Quotas would allow for expensive false alarms
 and possible violation of civil rights, rendering the security program ineffective.
 -C. These personell are permitted to use profiling as necessary. 
 Racial profiling may be used if practical. Religious profiling [i]will[/i] 
 happen and will most likely be necessary.

In the last 10 years, in response to the increase in church power and influence over foreign governments, this amendment was added:

 16. While citizens have the right to practice any religion they wish
 (as long as the practice of the religion does not constitute illegal 
 or violent acts), religious organizations are not permitted to take 
 part in politics. Religion may also be used as a method of profiling 
 by the government, as it is very effective and allows the government 
 to better respect a greater number of individual's civil rights, by 
 having narrower, more accurate methods of security.
 -A. Religious profiling does not require racial profiling. Religion, 
 unlike race is a choice made by the individual. Religious profiling 
 allows security and government systems to profile individuals more 
 accurately and respect the civil rights of more people as a result.
 -B. The government has the right to remove a relgious organization 
 and it's followers if it deems that the organization's ideology is 
 dangerous to the safety of the population, or challenges the secular 
 government. The military will enforce this.
 The process to expel an organization from the nation will include a 
 review of the incident by the Malych C.A. and then by the Supreme Court. 
 The Malych C.A. will be capable of vetoing the Supreme Court's decision 
 if the two decisions are different.
 -C. It is the official stance of the government that religion is not a 
 necessity for life, therefore, no part of the government's budget may be 
 spent on directly subsidizing any religion or particular spirituality, the 
 exception to this is for small community churches who abide by the rules 
 to stay out of political matters, any president who violates this by putting 
 an unusual amount of state funds into religion and spirituality will be 
 investigated and may be impeached.
 17. No church may establish a school which functions as a replacement
 or alternative to primary, secondary or post-secondary public education.
 18. Any act of protest which endangers innocent lives conducted or 
 sponsored by a religious organization will be interpreted as an act of 
 war against The United Socialist States of Miokalia, and the military 
 will be deployed to neutralize the threat accordingly.


Miokalia has three major political parties, although the politics within the parties themselves are very diverse.

New Penninsular Pacifist party (NPP) is the current dominating political party, primarily appealing to a solid base of dinosaurians and Malych, forming 60% of the voting population. Within this party, politics range from socialists to pro-business centrists. The party wants to push for legal reform and shift the government toward a legal-reform technocracy to improve the economy for business while not sacrificing government social programs.

Military Coalition is another party that is actually in aggreement with much of the NPP's politics currently. They support legal reform, however they wish to move the government over to an extreme technocracy even at the cost of social programs. They want to reduce taxes and give large tax breaks to private industry. They also believe in increasing Miokalia's military involvement in foreign affairs.

Libertarian party is a reform party that wishes to reduce the size of government and loosen restrictions on foreign trade. However, the most sucess this party has had has been in the primarily human-populated areas at the repeal of social normalcy laws. A move also supported by the NPP.

Branches of Government:

The government is divided into three branches: The executive, Judicial and Legislative.

The Executive branch is the office of the president and the cabinet. The president signs bills into law, the president is elected by direct democracy and popular vote without an electoral college. The president can be impeached only by popular vote, the legislature and judicial branches cannot stop impeachment procedings brought about by popular vote.

The Judicial Branch is made up of 11 Supreme Court Justices, which must be elected by popular vote. These justices can also be impeached by popular vote. It requires a vote of 1/3rd to start a senatorial impeachment hearing.

The legislative branch is divided into three houses: The Upper House (which legislates federal laws and laws pertaining to foreign affairs), The Lower House (which deals with federal laws and state-representation/rights issues), and The Senate (which deals with federal laws and legalities).


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