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Flag of Miraclia
Motto: "Miracles Do Happen"
The Heartland's Northeast District map
Region The Heartland
Capital Miraclia City
Official Language(s) Dutch, English, Welsh
Leader President Bruce Robertson
Population 8 billion
Currency Monit 
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For the last few decades, the Miraclian people were suffering under heavy oppression in a society strongly geared towards economy. Economy came first, last, and everywhere in between. There was no social security, there was widespread corruption, a huge crime rate, poverty, and slavery.

Criminals had to do forced labour (and still do) and there was the death penalty for serious crimes like murder and petty theft. However, widespead corruption meant that only people who couldn't afford to bribe judges and lawyers went to jail, or worse...

The better option for the poor was slavery. Nobody called it that, though. It was called contract work. In a nutshell: if you could no longer pay your debts, there was the option of having someone pay them for you, and then work for that person for a period of time, the length determined by the contract you signed. While under contract, you had to do everything and anything your boss ordered you to do, and breach of contract was punishable by death...

The president was quite simply the most wealthy person in Miraclia. The president then devided the cabinet post amongst his or her friends and relatives. There were only two ways to end the presidency: death, or bankruptcy.

In the last few years things had gotten from bad to worse: there was now compulsary consumerism, in other words, it was crime not to buy things like cars, television, handweapons.

The church copied politics. By the end, membership of the Miraclian Catholic Church was compulsary, as were gifts to the 'destitute' church...even the poor and the contract workers had to pay.

The final straw came when president Johnson decided to change the flag to include his portrait. A relatively bloodless revolution took place, and an interim government, lead by James McGurk took control. They promised reforms, and immediately abolished the death penalty and the contract work system. They set up several committees to research how best to change laws concerning the economy and politics, amongst others.

On June 18th 2004, elections were held for the first time in thirty years. The parliamentary elections resulted in large victories for the Miraclia National Party (25.35%), and the Liberal Democratic Party (22.51%), and lesser victories for the Miraclia Labour Party (conservative, despite the name; 16.49%), and the Miraclia Socialist Party (13.19%). The presidential elections showed no clear-cut winner, although two candidates took large slices of the pie: Interim President Jams McGurk (28.12%), and independent candidate Bruce Robertson (26.54%). The latter won the second round, two weeks later.