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A Moderator (often called a Mod) is a player that volunteers his/her time to make this site clean from spam, flaming, and make sure the players stay within line. They can be thought of as the NationStates police force.

Moderator Rank Breakdown

A Forum Moderator is usually a new mod to the team. They have the power to move threads from one forum to another, lock threads, forumban rulebreakers, and edit out posts and images that break the site rules.

A Senior Forum Moderator is a more experienced Forum Moderator.

Once a Forum Moderator is deemed ready and is willing to take up the increased responsibility, they will be raised to the rank of a Game Moderator. Game Moderators have all the powers that a Forum Moderator has, and a lot of new ones. Among these powers are the abilities to delete nations, change illegal currencies/national animals and other customisable fields in nations, accept and code new issues, delete UN proposals and establish a new region founder (this rarely happens, however).

Senior Game Moderators have had the postion of Game Moderator for a long time and have consistently performed well at the Game Moderator Olympics.

Game Administrator is as high as it gets, the most powerful position in the game. Our own beloved [violet] and SalusaSecondus belong here. The site administrators do all the coding, and other duties to keep the game running smoothly.

List of Moderators

Game Admin

Technical Admin

Senior Game Mods

Game Mods

Senior Forum Mod

Forum Mods

Retired Mods

Retired Admin

Moderator Organization



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